Here’s Why It Pays To Get Your Sales Team More Involved In Content Marketing

Your customers, on average, look at nearly a dozen pieces of content before finalizing a purchase. They would rather check out content than look at ads when learning about a company and its offerings. This demand keeps marketers busy—88% of B2B companies are turning to content marketing to supplement their sales efforts. Marketers know the… Read More

Advanced LinkedIn Search Tips to Find Your Prospects Faster

A recent survey has shed more light on the habits of top salespeople on LinkedIn. The survey studied how they use LinkedIn compared to everyone else. The LinkedIn search feature turned out to be the main reason top sellers use LinkedIn. The results showed 76% of the top sellers use LinkedIn to identify potential contacts,… Read More

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for Social Media Marketing

By now you’ve probably decided if your company is going to use social media channels like Facebook or LinkedIn in your marketing. But have you thought about exactly why you are putting the time, money and resources into creating content for those channels? And what exactly do you want to get out of them? The… Read More

9 Ways To Expand Your LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn is no longer optional for growing and managing your network effectively. In fact, we’re to the point where it’s hard to separate someone’s network and their LinkedIn connections. For most, it’s one in the same. [bctt tweet=”LinkedIn is no longer optional for growing and managing your network effectively.”] That’s why it’s important to constantly… Read More

The 11-Step Method for Writing Powerful Blog Posts

Publishing a blog post often gets simplified into coming up with an idea, writing about it, and hitting publish. But as anyone who has a blog will tell you, it’s never that simple. Here is the process that we go through at Fluxe for our content and our clients’ content. I recommend you always take… Read More

How to Multiply Your Reach With These Content Repurposing Strategies

Think about the staggering amount of content you’ve created over the years. Think of all the emails you send and receive. (Need a reminder? Check the total number of emails in your inbox.) What about work documents and client materials? (Look at your Word docs or Google docs.) And we haven’t even gotten to blog… Read More

How To Generate More Opportunities Today

 How do you generate opportunities? How is it that some people  just know how to spot an opportunity? I don’t think they do, I think they create them little by little and do the things that no one else notices until the opportunity happens and everyone around them says, “Where did that come from?” I… Read More

22 Best Small Business and Marketing YouTube Channels

It’s a little known fact that a small percentage of YouTube channels actually contain useful content that can help your business. And you thought it was all funny cat videos… This is a roundup of those special few channels that WON’T waste your precious time. These are 22 of the best channels for small businesses and… Read More

3 Simple Ways To Find Guest Post Opportunities {VIDEO}

If the thought of writing an article for a magazine or website terrifies you, you’re not alone. A few years back, there was nothing wouldn’t rather do. I remember when debating whether to make the leap, I started to make a list of what scared me the most. As I listed my biggest fears, and… Read More

3 Free Strategies To Get Media Coverage For Your Business

10 years ago, press and media coverage were strictly a top down approach. News traveled from giants, like TV networks and newspapers, down to us. Now, because of technology and things like social media, news can break from anywhere or anyone, and it’s those same giants who are scrambling to keep up. Small businesses now… Read More