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"I quickly realized that what I was doing was working so well when done correctly, that I was finding conflict with whether to do more of what I was doing to get more patients, or to take care of the patients that were coming in the door. That's when Fluxe seamlessly came into my world and not only took over what I was doing, giving me my time back, but did it better. They allowed me to multiply my efforts, so that I could ultimately take care of not only more people, but take care of my people better."

A headshot of Aaron Wenzel, Owner of Brentwood MD.

Dr. Aaron Wenzel

Owner, Brentwood MD

Montana Knife Company Increases Organic Traffic by 154% With SEO Content Strategy


increase in keywords ranked


organic traffic growth


lift in revenue from organic visits

"Anyone that’s had to come up with content for a marketing strategy knows you can get stuck on that forever. What’s sold me has been Fluxe's ability to pull great content out of my team and I. Fluxe has been able to create dozens of pieces of content for each stage of my sales funnel in my voice. And it only takes an hour a month."

A headshot of Jason Falcon, Owner of LEAP Property Management.

Jason Falcon

Owner, LEAP Property Management

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"It’s tricky hiring somebody to create content for you when you've been doing it yourself for a long time and you don't want your audience to feel that shift. That turned out to be one of the easiest parts of working with Fluxe. Now I don't even have to worry about it. Every single piece of content coming from their team is up to the same standard that my audience expects."

A headshot of Nate Grahek, CEO of Sticky.

Nate Grahek

Owner, Sticky Folios

"Fluxe is a true business partner. They work closely with their clients to understand their business goals and design a digital marketing strategy tailored to your business needs. They are very creative and constantly looking for cutting edge ideas that will take your personal and professional brand to the next level. I highly recommend Fluxe if you are considering or reconsidering your digital marketing strategy."

A headshot of Cynthia Beresh-Bryant.

Cynthia Beresh-Bryant, SPHR, RCC

Owner, HR Solutions By Design