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everybody writes ann handley
Apr 14

Book Summary: 14 Takeaways From Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes

By Joel Widmer | Tools & Resources

Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes is a favorite among the Fluxe team. We consider it essential reading and give it to all new team members. Handley’s writing manual covers the essentials for creating compelling copy and marketing material that connects with your audience. Whether you’re in a climate of crisis or an economic boom, clean copy always creates better […]

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coronavirus marketing strategies
Mar 31

COVID-19 Marketing Strategies, Tools & Resources to Help Your Business

By Joel Widmer | Tools & Resources

The business world’s response to Coronavirus is inspiring.In the past few weeks we’ve seen companies offer payment breaks and extended free trials, and the marketing community is doing whatever they can to help out. Don’t get me wrong, this sucks. But it’s incredible witnessing people come together.  I’m going to give you a few things I’m seeing […]

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marketing scorecard
Jan 14

How to Use Our Marketing Scorecard to Find Untapped Opportunities

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing , Tools & Resources

Question: How do you actually improve your marketing effectiveness?  First, you need to know where you’re at now.  If you don’t take an honest look at where each part of your marketing is, you can’t create a plan to grow your business.  After helping dozens of talented clients level up their content marketing, one thing stood out. It’s not that […]

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marketing processes
Nov 05

How to Create Marketing Processes That Save Time and Improve Results

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing , Tools & Resources

I’m always surprised at how many businesses sideline the creation of their marketing processes because it’s such an easy way to get more consistent results in less time. If you don’t create processes around every repeatable marketing (and business) process, or know you could create more… This guide shows you how.  My goal for this post is […]

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