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train your website best salesperson

How To Train Your Website To Be Your Best Salesperson

Your website has the potential to be your best salesperson. So why aren’t you treating it like the rest of your sales team? You wouldn’t send your sales team on calls without the proper training and support, would you? And you’d never send them out without making sure they had a great answer … [Continue Reading...]

e-commerce marketing book 3d

Free Kindle Book On E-commerce Marketing

Today I published my first book on Amazon with John Price and Evan Tardy, and you can grab it completely free for a limited time! Crush Your Ecommerce Marketing: 24 Instant Strategies to Boost E-commerce Sales, Maximize Profits and Crush Your Online Competition … [Continue Reading...]


12 Essential Books For Small Businesses [GIVEAWAY]

A few weeks ago I was chatting with two friends of mine, John Price and Evan Tardy, about the business books that have had the biggest impact on our lives and businesses. It was crazy how much overlap we had, but each of us had gotten very different takeaways from each book. There is no doubt we … [Continue Reading...]

Fluxe New Client Rules

Use the 3 F’s to Decide if Your Next Client is a Good Fit

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend who owns a marketing agency. The agency is her first venture, so I asked about the biggest challenge she’s had so far. I’m by no means an expert, but after running a business for a few years I do know it’s easy to forget what it’s like starting off. Hearing … [Continue Reading...]