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How to Predict What Content Will Do Well in Your Niche

Anyone can judge a blog post by the amount of shares and comments, but those numbers don't tell the whole story. What does it really mean for a blog post to do well? Is it optimized for a keyword that brings visitors from Google? Does it generate email opt-ins with a great call to action … [Continue Reading...]

3 Subtle Ways Blogging Will Grow Your

3 Subtle Ways Blogging Will Grow Your Business

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you already know that blogging can improve your website’s SEO. And I’m sure you know it can help you build your email list. But the advantages don’t stop there. When evaluating their blog strategy, most people gloss over three important things that can … [Continue Reading...]

7 Questions to Evaluate New Marketing

7 Questions to Evaluate New Marketing Opportunities

“An opportunity that doesn’t align with your goals is a distraction, no matter how lucrative it is.” I wrote that piece of advice down for my future self a few years back. I had taken advantage of a few “opportunities” only to be disappointed when they moved me sideways instead of toward my … [Continue Reading...]

intentional questions

6 Simple Questions To Create Intentional Momentum This Year

We ask ourselves questions at almost every moment of the day. Every decision we make is an answer to a question. Every goal we set is fueled by questions. The right questions move us closer while the wrong questions distract us. These are six questions that I always ask myself at the beginning … [Continue Reading...]