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The 11-Step Recipe to Writing Powerful Business Blog Posts

Publishing a blog post often gets simplified into coming up with an idea, writing about it, and hitting publish. But as anyone who has a blog will tell you, it’s never that simple. Here is the process that we go through at Fluxe for our content and our clients’ content. I recommend you always take … [Continue Reading...]

fluxe monitoring

How to Proactively Monitor Your Brand

For most people, monitoring their brand online is an afterthought. Until there’s an emergency. It’s not that their online reputation isn’t important, it’s just not a priority. The opposite is also true. If you aren’t monitoring your brand actively and an opportunity comes up that could … [Continue Reading...]

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5 Reasons to Track Your Time (Even if You Don’t Charge by the Hour)

Do you know how many hours you spend on email each week? Each day? How about the number of hours you spend on business development? Or reactive vs. proactive activities? I didn’t either until I started tracking my time. Because I wasn’t charging by the hour, I didn’t think time tracking was … [Continue Reading...]


How To Repurpose Your Content To Grow Your Audience

Think about the staggering amount of content you’ve created over the years. Think of all the emails you send and receive. (Need a reminder? Check the total number of emails in your inbox.) What about work documents and client materials? (Look at your Word docs or Google docs.) And we … [Continue Reading...]