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how to build target buyer persona template
Dec 06

How to Build Your Target Buyer Persona (with Free Template)

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing , Increasing Traffic , Lead Generation

Let me introduce you to Ray and Janine. Ray is an experienced entrepreneur with a fast-growing service business and several successful exits behind him. After 15 years, he knows exactly what he needs to focus on and it’s not content marketing. In order to meet his aggressive business goals, Ray knows he needs to assemble a lean […]

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Mar 10

4 Signs Your Site Is Repelling Quality Leads (& How to Fix It)

By Joel Widmer | Lead Generation

What takes even more time than creating content, is creating intentional content. Thinking through an intentional content approach that’s designed to connect with your audience is one of the most time-consuming tasks of all. And it’s a task that generating high quality leads depends on.Want Quality Leads? We’ve Got So Much in Common…We all want to generate leads. But […]

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Mar 19

How to Format Your Blog Posts to Keep Visitors Engaged Longer

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing , Lead Generation

 You already know that people don’t read your blog the same way they read a book.   They’re distracted.   They quickly skim through the content.   Basically, your audience needs all the help they can get to stay focused.   But how do you turn that knowledge into an actionable checklist for your blog’s style guide?   You do have a blog style guide, […]

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