Interview With Iphone Developer Jared Sinclair

Jared Sinclair is the designer and developer of Pillboxie, a medication reminder app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Pillboxie is the easiest and best-looking app of it’s kind for iOS. It’s currently the number one paid medical app in the App Store. It was featured on Apple’s New & Noteworthy list, as well as Cult… Read More

Kicking Off The Podcamp Nashville 2011 Blog Tour!

Last night, the SpeakerUp event was held for Podcamp Nashville this year. We had a fantastic meeting and if you missed it, shame on you. But…. Luckily you can catch the entire video (thanks to @mDave) here via Ustream. Several great ideas were brought up during the meeting around the subject of ways to get… Read More

500+ Social Media Case Studies

These links contain a social media case study for almost every industry, company size and geographic location imaginable. It’s a collection others who’ve failed using social media, ruined their brand abusing social media and experienced tremendous success because of social media. Read them, analyze them but don’t forget about YOUR audience! 34 case studies that… Read More

7 Great Tools to Visualize Your Brand

The first step to improving your brand online is to take a good look at it from 50,000 feet. Here’s 7 of the best visual tools to help you analyze the different elements of your brand online. And all the tools are free! Twitter Venn Google Trends Wordle Twitter Spectrum TrendsMap Flickr Related Tags Browser… Read More

How To Increase The ROI of Your Offline Networking

It’s easy to command ROI metrics for an online social networking campaign but when was the last time you were told to turn in a report to prove the value of your offline networking? Is it a total loss if you don’t come back with a few qualified leads? Definitely not. Just because social media… Read More

How to Perform a Quick Analysis on Your Brand’s Facebook Fan Page

Do you know how your brand’s Facebook Fan Page is doing? Really doing?
Here’s a simple way to establish a baseline to figure it out.
I’m a big fan of keeping metrics as simple as possible.
So i’m only going to give you the one’s that are the most actionable. You can measure weekly or monthly metrics but we’ll measure by month to make it simple.

Linkedin Barcamp 2010 Presentation

Below are the slides from my Barcamp 2010 talk. The video and audio will be available shortly and I’ll post them as soon as they are. THANKS to everyone who came out and for all the great feedback on it! Several great questions were brought up after the presentation but if you have anymore questions,… Read More

9 Ways to Find Free Images for Your Blog

Having a great picture that compliments your blog post can really add value and catch more eyes. The hard part is finding a quality pic that isn’t copyrighted and/or has a creative commons license. Here’s a list of the absolute best sites that have millions of free great images for your blog or presentation. 1…. Read More

How To Organize Your LinkedIn Sections

Linkedin now allows you to reorder any movable box on your profile to organize what you want visitors to see on your profile first. Check out the video below on how to do it. So the question is: How should I organize my profile? How you should organize your profile is not a “one answer fits… Read More