May 10

How One Small-Town Brand Manages Their Social Media Across Multiple Channels

By Joel Widmer | Blog , Blogging , Content Marketing , Facebook Marketing , Social Media Marketing

I first met Tara on Twitter when I answered a question she’d tweeted through @TillamookCheese Twitter account. Shortly after my response, she responded back to me and thanked me for my input. I was impressed by how quickly she responded and decided to check out the rest of Tillamook Cheese’s online presence. Being from Tillamook, […]

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Apr 19

Selective Hearing

By Joel Widmer | Blog , Featured , Social Media Marketing

In what situations does your company really take the time to listen and understand its audience? Emergencies Launching a new product or service Customer support issues Conversations between each other about your company Soliciting feedback Testimonials Insights and new perspectives User experience on your website The Spouse Test: If you listened to your spouse like […]

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Apr 08

Mini Case Study: How Lenovo Reduced Customer Service Costs Using Social Media

By Joel Widmer | Blog , Social Media Marketing

Dell has been getting a lot of recognition from their social media department lately and deservedly so. They’ve been pioneers of social media in big business. But while the spotlight has been on them, another computer company has been making huge strides with social media. In this case study from Forrester, Lenovo realized their customers […]

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Mar 25

Couldn’t Help But Share

By Joel Widmer | Blog , Resources

A few inspiring quotes (and one useful tool) I came across this week and couldn’t help but share. 1. Gary Vaynerchuk on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show, “I literally believe this… Social media scares everybody, it’s so new. But it’s funny, the DNA of our grandparents, I think is more in place to be successful in […]

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