Preparing for Your Interview | Fluxe Digital Marketing

Preparing for Your Interview

Before the Call

  • We’ll email you with the content outlines ahead of time, so you can review and prepare for the questions and topics.
  • Please add any questions or comments directly in the outline. If you have to reschedule, you can do that directly here.

During the Call

  • Make sure the room you’re in is quiet. Fans and air conditioners that are running can interfere with sound quality, so if possible, it’s a good idea to turn them off.
  • Silence your cell phone and desktop notifications to prevent distractions. (It’s also helpful to pause apps that sync like Dropbox if we’re doing the call over the computer to save bandwidth.)
  • You’ll either call in through Zoom or our Uber conference line:
  •           Zoom:
              Conference Line: (401) 283-4930 // PIN: 57198
  • We’ll have a casual conversation discussing the outlined topics for the upcoming month content.
  • If anything comes up in the discussion that you don’t want included, we won’t add it.
  • Only our team will be listening to the call, so there is no wrong way to have this conversation. We’ll guide you through the prompts, but if you feel more comfortable having the questions in front of you, feel free to have the outline doc open.
  • You may see us typing notes during the call. Since the call is being recorded, these are more guideposts for ourselves and the writer, and not an indication of content being good or bad.

After the Call

  • We’ll start working on your blog posts. Have thoughts or something you’d like to add after the interview? You’ll be able to add comments or suggested changes to the content before you give your final approval.