FAQ - Fluxe Digital Marketing


Do you have experience writing in my industry?

You are the expert at what you do, and we are experts at writing and content marketing. We act as an extension of your organization by leveraging your internal expertise and resources. If you can communicate your ideas, we can make them sound good.

Obviously, we do extensive research on your industry and your company before we start. We don’t write a single word until we are confident that we have found the best way of saying it. That way you don’t have to worry about inaccuracies.

In the 7 years that we’ve been active, we have gained experience in dozens of different industries. If you’re not sure if your niche would benefit from content marketing, reach out and we’ll evaluate it for you. 

How does Fluxe capture my company’s unique voice?

Every thought leader is different. Your content should reflect your individual voice and approach. How does Fluxe achieve that? The process we’ve created ensures that the content sounds exactly as if you had written it.

We use your ideas and expertise as the basis of the content we provide. You are the creator, we are the intermediary. We ‘translate’ your ideas and expertise into understandable, digestible content for your audience.

Moreover, we put all your preferences, goals, and needs in a brief for our writers. That way we have a perfect idea of the style and content you’re looking for. We write from your perspective. We channel your ideas by structuring and organizing them. The result is a coherent piece of content in your voice.

Who are the Fluxe writers & how do you select my writer?

Our writers are some of the top writers in the industry. They have ghostwritten New York Times bestsellers, written articles on industry-leading blogs, and have years of experience under their belts. We have an extremely rigorous writer hiring process to guarantee that we only hire the very best. We work with our writers on a long-term basis and constantly evaluate their performance.

Obviously, every writer is an individual with their own expertise and style. We spend extensive time downloading your company’s DNA and understanding everything about your brand and content. After we have figured out what you need, we match you with someone from our freelance team that we consider a good fit.

If, for any reason, you don’t like working with the writer we chose for you, we are more than happy to find a replacement who makes your content perfectly suitable for your needs and goals.

How long does it take to create content with your interview process?

We aren’t joking when we say that we can help you create a month of content in one hour.

It takes our clients one hour on average to create four high-quality blog posts with our help. Many of our clients need even less time. That means you could create a month’s worth of content in the time it takes to eat one lunch.

How? The magic trick is that you just give us the input for the content, and we take care of the rest. We prepare for our interview with you and do all the work of turning your ideas into several articles. All you have to do is make sure you have an hour every month to share your ideas and insights with us.

All our processes are designed to give you more time and leverage. If we can help you save time or simplify the process without sacrificing the quality of your content, we’ll make it happen! Every client has different needs, so we are looking forward to finding the process that works best for you.

What services don’t you do?

We are exclusively a content marketing company. That means we focus on content to keep our quality top notch. Here’s a few things we don’t do:

  • We don’t build websites
  • We don’t do affiliate marketing
  • We don’t do straight SEO (although we do apply it in our content marketing)
  • We don’t do print advertising or promotional products
  • We don’t do graphic design
  • We don’t do social media only
  • We don’t do one-off projects

Our focus is making good companies great. We do that by extracting their expertise and showcasing it through complete content marketing campaigns.

Will you lock me into a contract?

Never. We offer all our services on a monthly basis without time commitment.

We are committed to that type of contract because we want to be held accountable for our work. That’s why you can stop anytime you want. All we ask is two weeks of notice.

We do recommend that you give the process at least 3 months to start seeing results (since content marketing doesn’t book results overnight).

Despite of this flexible arrangement, most of our clients stay with us for years, which we consider a confirmation of the quality we deliver.

How do you measure success?

We start by figuring out what goal(s) you have for your content marketing. After all, everyone has a different definition of success. Your goal can also change overtime, so we want to make sure that we know exactly what you are looking for.

Afterwards, we put metrics in place so we can measure the important elements. We will provide you with monthly reports that contain metrics, analyses, and insights. That way you get a clear overview of the progress you are making with your content marketing.

How does your pricing work?

After discussing your needs in a discovery session, we’ll give you a custom quote tailored to your specific needs to reach your goals.

You’re never locked into a contract, so you can opt out whenever you want. That gives us an incentive to always provide the best quality, and it provides you with the freedom to only use our services for as long as they live up to your expectations.

Why hire Fluxe over a freelance writer?

Freelance writers are great if you have your own content marketing strategy and enough time to regularly brief them on what content you need.
However, if you want help with leveraging your content marketing to convert more prospects at every stage of your sales funnel, Fluxe is a much better match.

Our six-step process covers everything you need, from strategy to development, to writing the content, to publishing and promoting it:

1. Marketing Strategy Creation & Analysis

2. Content Development & Planning

3. Content Production

4. Content Publishing

5. Content Promotion

6. Lead Generation

For a more detailed overview of what this entails, please visit our services page.

But that’s just the beginning! Whereas a freelance writer will only provide you with the articles you pay them for, we offer a comprehensive package that includes:

  • A professional approach: we have specialists for every single step of the process, such as writing, SEO, brand voice, editing, and content strategy.
  • Business management: we offer much more than writing. You will love working with our team, since we are scalable to fit your needs and grow with you.
  • Proofreading and editing: every single text that our writers deliver is proofread by a professional editor.
  • An onboarding process: before we get started, we learn everything we can about you. Our writers only start working after they have been fully briefed on your goals and expectations.

Not everybody needs this extensive approach. Some people are better off with a freelance writer than a professional content marketing service. If we think you are one of them, we will be the first to tell you!

What makes Fluxe different from ghostwriting?

To answer that question, we first have to define what ghostwriting is. A ghostwriter will write content for you from their own perspective and based on their own ideas. They will use your concept and a couple of your ideas, but the tone of voice and the words will be their own.

Fluxe, on the other hand, provides the content that you could have written yourself. As a business owner, you have enough on your plate: there just isn’t enough time in the day to take care of every single thing that needs to get done. That’s why we are here. We give you more time for other priorities by taking care of your content marketing (and everything it entails).

You are the creator, we are the intermediary. We ‘translate’ your ideas and expertise into understandable, digestible content for your audience. We write from your perspective. We channel your ideas by structuring and organizing them.

That doesn’t mean we never work with ghostwriters. It would simply be more expensive for you to work with them directly. After all, we provide them with all the information they need, which means they don’t have to spend any time on research and finding the right angle. That way you benefit from everyone’s expertise (our writers take care of the content, our marketing specialists do the marketing, etc.).

Who don’t you work with?

As a professional content marketing service, we can’t work with everyone. We want to make sure we are a great match with our clients so that both parties benefit from our cooperation. For that reason, there are certain situations in which we won’t be able to offer our services to you. This applies when:

  • You don’t know your business or industry well enough to talk about it for 12 hours a year.
  • You want overnight success. Blogging is a long-term process rather than an instant solution. We don’t run an operation that will flood your inbox with leads overnight.
  • You don’t care about quality content. If you’re only looking for quantity to add to your website, we are not your answer.

What if I’m not sure I have enough to say for weekly blog content?

If you’re not sure, schedule a call with us. We can help you outline potential content to see if you have enough to write about. We will be happy to figure this out with you – no strings attached.

Most of our clients don’t realize how much content they really have because they are so close to it. It only takes a few conversations to start unlocking their genius. Some of our clients have spent over 4 years creating steady content and are still going strong.

Who gets the rights to the published content?

You are the official author and get the full rights to everything. Your name will be connected to the content, not ours. As the rightful owner you can keep everything and use the content in any way you like.

Can you reuse and re-purpose my existing content?

Yes, we definitely can! We have a dedicated department at Fluxe that focuses exclusively on that job. If you have white papers, videos, FAQs, podcasts, etc. that contain high-value, educational content, we can use it to create several other pieces of content.

Will you promote our content once it’s published?

We create social media updates from the articles we write with your input. If you like, we can schedule and upload them to your social channels. We can also create email newsletters to send to your email list. Please note: we don’t do PPC or ad buys.

Do you come up with new ideas for blog posts and emails?

Once you have contacted us, we will organize an initial onboarding interview. During that one-hour conversation, we’re able to generate as much as a year of content topics.

If you have content ideas, we are more than happy to use them. If you don’t, we create them for you. We have an extensive research process for all our clients to generate interesting, educational, and relevant content topics.

Do you only create content based on interviews?

No. Our goal is to create content in the easiest way possible for you with the least amount of friction. We can create content from interviews, emails back and forth, your prompts or outlines, or we can write it from start to finish from your ideas. Every client has different preferences and possibilities, and we would be thrilled to figure out what suits you best.

How many people in my company will you interview?

We will interview whomever you’d like for the content. We don’t put a number on it because every person in your company has unique knowledge they can share.

When we interview people the first time, they regularly tell us that they didn’t realize how much they knew about a topic. People are often surprised by how easy it is to talk about topics they know well. Even if ideas don’t come straight away, we guide the people we interview through the first uncomfortable moments until the inspiration comes to them. Creating high-quality content is a team effort that we love being a part of.