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Leveraged Lead Generation

Build Your Authority and Generate More Leads Without Creating Another Piece of Content From Scratch

leveraged lead generation content marketing service

You already have a library of high value content. We leverage your existing assets into marketing content that drives leads to your paid products and programs.

Your existing library can be used as inspiration for endless marketing content. By expanding what you’ve already created, we drive traffic into and down your sales funnel without giving away your product for free.

Spend your time coaching, consulting and training.

Let us handle the content marketing.

The right marketing content attracts new audiences and makes you a celebrity in your space. But creating quality marketing content from scratch isn’t a quick and easy process. It’s often slow, clunky, and incomplete.

But it doesn’t have to be.

We can use your existing library of webinars, training sessions, and live seminars to create endless marketing content — content that turns audiences into qualified leads, leads into eager prospects, and prospects into loyal clients.

How it Works

Step 1


First, we build the foundation of your new content strategy.

Together we'll...

  • Analyze your existing library
  • Choose the best pieces to expand
  • Pinpoint your target audience
  • Build entry points into your sales funnel
  • Lock down a content strategy

Step 2


Next we create an editorial calendar that aligns with your upcoming promotion and event schedule. The calendar will turn small components of your content (a single concept, for instance) into their own fleshed-out assets.

This is also where we match the right types of content to the right marketing channels. If your audience likes videos, we give them videos. If they want memes, they get memes.

Step 3


Using your existing library along with some independent research, we build your marketing content. The type of content depends on your audience, but may include

  • Long-form articles
  • Short-form blog posts
  • Customized lead-generation videos
  • Podcast episodes
  • Social media snippets
  • Custom imagery

Step 4


To keep the new marketing content consistent with your brand voice, you review the material before it’s published. We’re happy to make any changes, whether technical or substantive.

Over time, we’ll become comfortable working together. Any changes will be minimal. In most cases, our clients approve each asset without comment.

Step 5


Once approved, we’ll publish and promote the content to the appropriate marketing channels, leading traffic into and down your sales funnel.

If you opt for paid advertising, we’ll create a strategy and process to reach your target audience.

What Our Customers Say

"Our goal with Fluxe was to increase conversions from local organic traffic on our website while lowering our cost per lead. Since we started, organic traffic has become our largest source of new patients and our cost per lead has decreased as they continue to build high quality content. We’ve enjoyed our relationship with the Fluxe team and look forward to our future growth together."

Dr. Todd Plot
Owner, Dermatology Alliance

"Fluxe has the ability to pull great content out of my team and I. When I tried to come up with idea, I came up with nine boring, generic topics, but Fluxe has created dozens of pieces of content for each stage of my sales funnel in my voice. Fluxe’s content creation process for me personally was much better than a generic questionnaire and it produced marketing content I was actually proud to publish and gets results."

Jason Falcon
LEAP Property Management

The Complete Leveraged Lead-Generation Content Package

Leverage Your Content

Frequently Asked Questions

How will more content help me?

Searchers can’t see content hidden behind pay walls, so your paid content isn’t attracting anyone. You need a generous amount of content to draw potential customers, turn them into email leads, and convert those leads into buyers.

Why am I giving my valuable content away?

Technically, you aren’t. By breaking your content into chunks and expanding those chunks into their own assets, we’re only giving away fractions of your product’s value to capture and convert traffic.

How much of my time will this take?

Virtually none. We’ll schedule a few phone calls during the initial setup, After that, we’ll schedule one 15-minute phone call each month. We’re happy to communicate as much as you like via email in between calls, but we understand that you’re busy and have designed this service to spare your time.

Will you keep working if I’m too busy to meet or chat?

Yes. We will continue to leverage your existing library even if you can’t take part. In fact, you’ll find that we expect very little from your time. We just need you or someone on your team to commit to approving the assets we create (by email).

Do my team or I need to know anything about content marketing?

Nope. We take care of all of the marketing details. Your only job is to review the content assets we create and focus your energy training, consulting and coaching the business we send you.

Will this help me drive traffic in between launches?

Yes. As you build an audience, your product launches will grow bigger and you’ll see more paid conversions in between.

Will this reduce my paid ad spend?

That’s up to you. You could replace your paid traffic with the organic traffic we will send. But if you’re comfortable with your ad budget, we recommend you continue spending. Depending on your circumstance, it might be smarter to direct your paid ads at the content we create (we’ll evaluate this for you).

Why does it cost so much if you’re using my content?

While we use your library as inspiration, the content we create is entirely unique and original. It will include facts, research, images, and concepts that aren’t found in your paid materials. You’re welcome to use any of our expanded material in your paid products.

Couldn’t I just release my own content?

You could, but without significant changes and expansions, you would be giving away your own product for free.

Can’t I have anyone someone on my team do this?

You can hire anyone to do anything, but only skilled content marketers who understand the way audiences consume content and take action will be able to send you customers. We use specialized interview and research techniques to identify expandable ideas and organize your content into new assets.

Who handles the technical details?

We’ll handle everything. We just need a couple phone calls during the setup phase and your review and approval of each asset.

How do you write or speak in my voice?

First, we’ll examine your existing library carefully. We’ll comb through everything - every article, video and social media post. Then our team will produce words that sound like your own. At any time you’re welcome to give us tips to match your style and request any changes.