Our Team

Joel Widmer, Founder/CEO

Joel Widmer is the founder of Dallas-based Fluxe Digital Marketing—a marketing shop that specializes in content marketing strategy and training for businesses and authors. He has worked with numerous name-brand publishers to help more than two dozen authors and thousands of bloggers create and execute digital marketing campaigns for their book launches. Additionally, his company has assisted national luxury brands, technology companies and restaurants.

Fluxe works by helping smart businesses create world-class content through a customized, one-on-one interview process that ultimately saves Widmer’s clients valuable time via targeted information that ultimately delivers the necessary results for success in the business world. In addition, the company offers automation services for business marketing processes to make them more streamlined and remarkably efficient.

Originally from Tillamook, Oregon, he has always had a passion for communicating ideas and information. Widmer worked as a DJ before relocating to Nashville to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Trevecca Nazarene University.

For speaking inquiries, please contact Premiere Speakers Bureau.

Whitney Ratcliff, Content Manager

Whitney Ratcliff is the Content Manager at Fluxe Digital Marketing. Whitney coordinates the development and refinement of content for each of our clients.

With years of administrative experience and a love for organization, she keeps things running smoothly and efficiently for the Fluxe team. Whitney has previously written for the popular wedding website, Weddingbee, as a featured blogger. Her love for all things word related, and passion for helping others achieve their goals, aligns perfectly with the needs and expectations of our clients.

Whitney is a graduate of Baylor University (Sic ‘Em Bears!) with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Business Administration. In her free time she enjoys trying new Dallas restaurants with her husband, Ryan, and attempting to keep up with her Mini Australian Shepherd, Memphis.

Trae Gunter, Marketing Manager

Trae Gunter is a Marketing Manager at Fluxe Digital Marketing. Trae creates and redevelops multimedia content for our clients.

Having spent years as a professional touring musician and brand strategist, his unique mix of creativity in both art and business add a new facet to the Fluxe team. Trae’s passion for all things “creative but tasteful” give him the perfect eye for what our clients need to be current and clear.

Trae attended Trevecca Nazarene University, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. When he’s not watching one of his favorite teams – Atlanta Braves, Chelsea FC, Chicago Blackhawks, or Clemson Tigers-  you can probably find him playing golf, strumming a guitar, or going on an outdoor adventure somewhere in Tennessee with his wife, Kathleen.

Dennis Hammer, Director of Content Marketing

Dennis is the Director of Marketing at Fluxe where he creates content and lead generation strategies for all of Fluxe’s clients and Fluxe itself. 

Dennis brings an eclectic mix of strategy, writing and design skills to the team. He has spent the last five years working for digital marketing agencies in content-focused roles for million dollar+ brands. He has also managed a small consulting service, creating web and email content for his own clients. His content can be found all over the web in dozens of industries. 

Dennis lives in Connecticut. He is a graduate of the University of Connecticut. In his free time, he plays the guitar, watches the Yankees, reads voraciously, and spends time with his wife and daughter.

Current and Past Clients

What Others Are Saying

"The team at Fluxe is a pleasure to work with. They are driven by results and are thought-leaders in their industry. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for an a fresh and innovative marketing team to work with."

- Duane Ward, CEO, Premiere Speakers Bureau 

"Joel Widmer and the team at Fluxe Digital Marketing have their finger on the pulse of what is going on in today’s social and digital marketing industries. We needed a consultant that would be brutally honest in describing what we were doing right and more importantly, what needed to change. One area specifically that we needed help on was creating a big-picture marketing strategy. We learned how to maximize our efforts so that our short-term product launches played into our long-term goals for our brands. Joel was able to connect the dots in our minds on going from project to project, and how to best market each in an outstanding way." 

– Robert D. Smith, Author of 20,000 Days and Counting

"Joel has a unique ability to come alongside your business and help you take it to the next level. He has a thirst for knowledge and information in the digital marketing arena and is skilled in utilizing his expertise to help you. I readily recommend Joel to anyone interested in being a real player in the digital realm." 

– Kayla Barret, President/Owner Organization Impact

"I asked Joel to help us put together the first Social Media Playbook for our hospitals and am so glad I did. Put simply, Joel knows his stuff. The social media and digital world is overrun with information like “you should do this” or “don’t forget to do that.” Joel cuts through all that BS and shows you “how” and “why.” He’s analytically driven, logical, goal focused and if he doesn’t know the answer he goes out and finds it…fast. I really enjoyed working with Joel and I know you will too."

- Chris Mason, Social Media Strategist at HCA

"I approached Joel for his expertise and in-depth research into how to maximize LinkedIn and I have to say he delivered much more than I expected. Joel’s knowledge and authority armed me with information I had been lacking and improved my ability to utilize LinkedIn as a business development platform. Not only have I benefited from the experience, but I will be able to better serve my clients as a result of what I’ve learned from him. If you’re looking to develop your social marketing or LinkedIn strategy, you need to call Joel."

- Travis Robertson, Owner, Dontsettle.org

"Joel is a true business partner. He works closely with his clients to understand their business goals and then designs a digital marketing strategy tailored to your business needs. He is very creative and is constantly looking for cutting edge ideas that will take your personal and professional brand to the next level. I highly recommend Joel if you are considering or reconsidering your digital marketing strategy."

– Cynthia Beresh-Bryant, SPHR, RCC, Owner, HR Solutions By Design

"Running a business, I turn the the web to be the platform for a bulk of my marketing efforts. And, when I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to represent my business in the best way online, I call Joel. Joel flat out knows his stuff. He has a deeply strategic mind with an encyclopedic knowledge of digital marketing tools and tactics. When combined, the resulting mixture is a powerful and compelling approach to digital marketing. It’s a regular occurrence that the phrase “I need to call and ask Joel about this” comes off my lips. Beyond that, Joel is an absolute joy to be around, and has an addictive personality you won’t soon forget. I couldn’t recommend him more."

– Justin Davis, Owner, Madera Labs

"Joel is a brilliant marketer who really knows his stuff. His passion, excitement, and drive are infectious and I absolutely love working with him. His ideas and approach are dead on and exactly what businesses need today. He is relevant, forward thinking, and best of all, you get results. I can’t recommend him enough!"

– Jenn dePaula, Owner of Mixtus Media

"First, I’m happy to say that I am a repeat customer of Fluxe. The social media efforts of my previous company benefited greatly from the insights and information of the Fluxe team, and when my current company needed social media direction I was knew exactly who to call to get the best guidance. Joel’s expertise and ability to communicate WHAT we need to do, WHY we need to do it, and most important HOW to accomplish our goals via his plan made the decision to use Fluxe as a resource an easy call. Businesses looking for a leader in social media marketing that is current with the forever changing landscape should call Fluxe."

– Juliana S., Director of Programs at Axe Wellness, LLC