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Turn Your Website Visitors Into Leads

Do people read your content, but never make take action?

Does it feel like you're spinning your wheels?

You need a content marketing strategy that works.

content marketing course


Train Your Website to be Your Best Salesperson

This course will teach you how to get out of the content friend zone and build real connections with your readers. You'll learn how to use your website to capture leads and how to use your email list to turn them into customers. This five-part course contains lessons to help you leverage the power of your website. 

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What You'll Learn


This lesson highlights the three most common mistakes people make when marketing with content. We unpack each mistake and offer strategies to overcome. 


Your website can be your best salesperson, but only if you give it the right tools. This lesson shows you how to structure your website to facilitate your customers' buying process.


Selling to a warmed-up email list is far more effective than selling to cold traffic. This lesson teaches you how to capture the email addresses of your readers. 


Once you publish your content, your work isn't done. The next step is to promote your content through the right channels and the right people. 


Those leads on your email list need to be turned into customers. This email lesson shows you how to nurture your subscribers and nudge them toward a conversion. 

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