Answer These 10 Questions To Focus on What Matters Most in Your Business

We ask ourselves questions almost every moment of the day. Every decision we make is an answer to a question. Every goal we set is fueled by questions. I love this quote by James Stephens: We get wise by asking questions, and even if these are not answered, we get wise, for a well-packed question… Read More

Talking Content Marketing Strategy on Startup Dallas TV

I love interviews. They’re one of the best ways to create content and one of the main ways Fluxe positions our clients as thought leaders. Usually I’m the one driving and asking the questions, but today I wanted to share an interview where I’m in the hot seat. I recently had a great conversation with Jason Croft at Magic Production… Read More

The 7 Best Business Productivity Tools For Your Mac

It’s no secret I love trying new business productivity tools and apps. If it saves time or automates a process, I’m in! Over the past few months, I’ve tested dozens of new productivity tools and wanted to the best ones with you in this post. Let me know your favorite tools in the comments below and which productivity… Read More

The Email App That Knows Your Personality (Really)

There’s no denying email is a huge part of our lives. Most employees spend about 30%, (or 13 hours) of their week on email. And for many of us, that’s on the low side.  Now, there’s a new app aiming to change the way we communicate by offering personality-based suggestions for how we write emails. is… Read More

The 11-Step Method for Writing Powerful Blog Posts

Publishing a blog post often gets simplified into coming up with an idea, writing about it, and hitting publish. But as anyone who has a blog will tell you, it’s never that simple. Here is the process that we go through at Fluxe for our content and our clients’ content. I recommend you always take… Read More

5 Reasons to Track Your Time (Even if You Don’t Charge by the Hour)

Do you know how many hours you spend on email each week? Each day? How about the number of hours you spend on business development? Or reactive vs. proactive activities? I didn’t either until I started tracking my time. Because I wasn’t charging by the hour, I didn’t think time tracking was necessary. Boy was… Read More

How to Multiply Your Reach With These Content Repurposing Strategies

Think about the staggering amount of content you’ve created over the years. Think of all the emails you send and receive. (Need a reminder? Check the total number of emails in your inbox.) What about work documents and client materials? (Look at your Word docs or Google docs.) And we haven’t even gotten to blog… Read More

How A Mastermind Group Can Unlock Your Business’s Potential

Over the last 5 years, I’ve been fortunate to be in several great mastermind groups with some incredible people. I can honestly say those groups have been the biggest key to improving my business and myself over the years. There is no one size fits all formula for a Mastermind. I’ve seen dozens of groups and… Read More

The Truth About Business Growth With Dr. Jeff Cornwall

Dr. Jeff Cornwall is one of the most humble people you’ll ever meet. When you meet him, he won’t tell you he ran Atlantic Behavioral Health Systems for 9 years with over 300 employees, authored 5 books and has helped 100’s if not thousands of businesses succeed throughout his 40 year career as an entrepreneur…. Read More

From 0-1000 New Members a Day: Inside Brian Roland’s Unique Business

Welcome to episode #5 of the Fluxe Digital Marketing Podcast! What’s the next logical step in your career after a sales job at Sprint? If you ask Brian Roland, your going to get answer you probably won’t hear anywhere else. Brian started Abenity which is a company that helps organizations create discount programs for their… Read More