Answer These 10 Questions to Focus on What Matters Most in Your Business

Answer These 10 Questions to Focus on What Matters Most in Your Business

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing

Dec 28

We ask ourselves questions almost every moment of the day. Every decision we make is an answer to a question. Every goal we set is fueled by questions.

I love this quote by James Stephens:

We get wise by asking questions, and even if these are not answered, we get wise, for a well-packed question carries its answer on its back as a snail carries its shell.

The right questions move us closer to our goals while the wrong questions distract us.

These are ten questions I ask myself at the beginning of the year to make sure I’m intentional about my direction for the upcoming year.

They’ve really helped me and my business so I wanted to share them with you. Set aside an hour to go through them and really figure out what you want to accomplish this year.

  1. What were my biggest wins this year? What am I the most proud of?
  2. Why were these successful? What did I do that worked that I can replicate or improve even more on?
  3. What mistakes did I make and what can I learn from them?
  4. What do I need to stop doing next year? We make a list of a million things we should be doing but there’s often just as much to be gained from quitting things that are holding us back.
  5. What will it take to make next year a success? In other words, write down what it will take for you to look back this same time next year and be happy with what you’ve accomplished.
  6. What projects (one-time things) and processes (ongoing things) need to be put into place to make these goals happen?
  7. What mindset shifts do I need to change to make these goals happen? What do I need to approach or think about differently? What’s holding me back?
  8. What new skills did I learn this year? What do I need to learn next year to stay or get ahead?
  9. Who am I grateful for? Who did I meet this year or spend time with that really helped me out? How can I spend more time with them and help them? Who do I need in my life next year?
  10. Why am I doing what I’m doing? What are the reason(s) I’m doing what I’m doing that get me excited and push me (even when I don’t feel like it) forward?

Remember you don’t have to start from scratch. You can learn a lot from what you did last year.
Continue to build off what worked and change what doesn’t. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that!


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Joel Widmer is the Founder & CEO of Fluxe Digital Marketing—a content marketing shop that helps smart businesses create, produce and promote their content through a unique one-on-one interview process. When he’s not working, Joel can be found trying new restaurants with his wife, son, and daughter.

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