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Sep 18

Why SlideShare is an Underrated Marketing Opportunity You Can’t Ignore

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing , Social Media , Tools & Resources

This article was originally posted on SMC Dallas Why is SlideShare neglected by most?  Business-to-business (B2B) marketing isn’t very sexy, and the thought of browsing PowerPoints in your free time is enough to make most people’s skin crawl. But that’s what I like about SlideShare. Most poorly designed slide decks never see the light of […]

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Aug 21

Why Your Website Is Losing Sales Without An Email List

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing , Email Marketing & Automation , Lead Generation

Question: If your social networks shriveled up overnight and your search rankings disappeared tomorrow, who would actually return to your site? If you hesitated, keep reading. In this post I’ll show you exactly why you can’t build a blog or run a profitable business website without building an email list. Let’s dig in! Email is […]

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