How To Put Your Reputation Monitoring on Autopilot

For most people, monitoring their brand online is an afterthought. Until there’s an emergency. It’s not that their online reputation isn’t important, it’s just not a priority. The opposite is also true. If you aren’t monitoring your brand actively and an opportunity comes up that could significantly help you and your business, you won’t be… Read More

How to Multiply Your Reach With These Content Repurposing Strategies

Think about the staggering amount of content you’ve created over the years. Think of all the emails you send and receive. (Need a reminder? Check the total number of emails in your inbox.) What about work documents and client materials? (Look at your Word docs or Google docs.) And we haven’t even gotten to blog… Read More

It’s Time To Focus On Work That Matters

If you own OR work in a service business, I know you’ve had at least one of these questions in the last month… Where is my time going? How can I make my service business more profitable? How do I create systems so I don’t have to do everything myself? Where do you get started… Read More

How To Use BuzzSumo For Better Guest Posts

Until now, there really hasn’t been a free tool to quickly tell you what the most popular content is for any given subject during a time period. Why would you care about such a tool?  A few reasons: Easy headline research to find what’s getting read, content trends you can capitalize on, easily finding the… Read More

How To Sell Books After The Launch Hype Dies

Recently I spoke at the Publishing University (PUBu) conference in Chicago to a group of publishers about long term marketing strategies for their authors. I’ve had the privilege of creating several marketing campaigns for everyone from self publishing authors to New York Times Best Sellers. I was one of the few people at the conference… Read More

3 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your Sales Cycle With a Content Strategy

If you sell at all in your business, you’re always looking for ways to speed up your sales cycle. Too many people look for things to add to their sales process to speed it up rather than evaluating what they already have and how they can use existing resources to close the deal in less… Read More

3 Simple Ways To Find Guest Post Opportunities {VIDEO}

If the thought of writing an article for a magazine or website terrifies you, you’re not alone. A few years back, there was nothing wouldn’t rather do. I remember when debating whether to make the leap, I started to make a list of what scared me the most. As I listed my biggest fears, and… Read More

Social Media Is Not A Sales Strategy

Should I be on Facebook or Twitter? Good news. It doesn’t matter. What matters is what comes first.  The first step in any successful online marketing is content strategy. Now let’s back up and figure out why. Two Simple Definitions Social media is simply content that begs to be shared. It’s any type of article, video or… Read More

Introducing Guest Blogging Blueprint

When I started the blog for Fluxe, I poured everything I had into it. I knew that if I wrote AMAZING content that really helped people, the traffic (and eventually, customers) would come. And the traffic came…but not like I’d hoped. I wasn’t getting a good return on my time. Something had to change. Most… Read More

19 Ideas For Your Next Blog Post

This is an excerpt of a blog post that I wrote for the Mindset of Networking blog. Click here to read the entire post. Have you been wanting to write more? Maybe on your blog, a guest post on someone elses blog or a newsletter? Not sure what to write about or how to get… Read More