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how to build target buyer persona template
Dec 06

How to Build Your Target Buyer Persona (with Free Template)

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing , Increasing Traffic , Lead Generation

Let me introduce you to Ray and Janine. Ray is an experienced entrepreneur with a fast-growing service business and several successful exits behind him. After 15 years, he knows exactly what he needs to focus on and it’s not content marketing. In order to meet his aggressive business goals, Ray knows he needs to assemble a lean […]

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b2b content marketing guide
Dec 19

The Only Guide You Need to Create Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing

Here’s a pair of startling statistics: 92% of marketers view content as an asset, but only 46% have a documented content strategy (according to Content Marketing Institute). What!? If nearly everyone recognizes the importance of content, why have so few people invested in strategies to build, promote, and measure it? My guess is that most marketers skip the […]

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why internal blog isn't working
Aug 22

Why Your Internal Blog Just Isn’t Working (and How to Get on Track)

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing , Increasing Traffic

In 2015, Australian government insurer icare was in disarray. Employee retention at the 284,000-person organization was plummeting, morale was in shambles, and the culture was a mess. Even worse: The government was investigating claims of workplace harassment and bullying. When Vivek Bhatia took over as CEO, he vowed to change all that. Part of his efforts to improve morale […]

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boost credibility blog content
Jan 19

7 Ways to Boost the Credibility of Your Blog Content

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing , Lead Generation

Building your brand’s credibility is one of the main reasons to pursue a content marketing strategy. As a thought leader, you make bold claims and voice strong opinions about what your prospects should do to achieve their desired outcomes. Then, your content backs up those claims, showing your audience you actually know what you’re talking about. But there’s […]

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