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difference between categories and tags
Mar 23

How to Make Sense of Your Blog’s Categories & Tags

By Joel Widmer | SEO

When we start with a new content marketing client, we ensure a solid foundation to build upon, including an audit of their existing client. How is it organized?What are the categories?What tags do they use? This inventory makes projects easier, and Google responds to this organization by improving our client’s SEO. Tags vs CategoriesThe next step is to […]

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Mar 19

How to Format Your Blog Posts to Keep Visitors Engaged Longer

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing , Lead Generation

 You already know that people don’t read your blog the same way they read a book.   They’re distracted.   They quickly skim through the content.   Basically, your audience needs all the help they can get to stay focused.   But how do you turn that knowledge into an actionable checklist for your blog’s style guide?   You do have a blog style guide, […]

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Keyword Research Process
Jan 29

The 4 Step Keyword Research Process For Ranking Your Blog Content

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing , SEO

Writing a piece of content is difficult enough. But ranking, promoting and sharing that content? That’s incredibly demanding.   Promoting your content is a big ask, yet it’s precisely what’s expected. If you’re working feverishly towards your conversion (i.e. financial) goals it’s time to bite the bullet.    You’ll need to promote your content. Why Most […]

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why internal blog isn't working
Aug 22

Why Your Internal Blog Just Isn’t Working (and How to Get on Track)

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing , Increasing Traffic

In 2015, Australian government insurer icare was in disarray.   Employee retention at the 284,000-person organization was plummeting, morale was in shambles, and the culture was a mess.   Even worse: The government was investigating claims of workplace harassment and bullying.   When Vivek Bhatia took over as CEO, he vowed to change all that. […]

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