What is Cornerstone Content? The Definitive Guide

Quick Navigation What is Cornerstone Content?The Benefits of Cornerstone ContentCornerstone Content and SEOHow to Create Cornerstone ContentExamples of Cornerstone ContentGoing Forward These days, everyone knows they need content. It’s hard to find a website without a blog.But that need also creates a unique challenge: The web is full of noise. There’s an ocean of content… Read More

Getting Ranked in Google is just the Icing on the Cake

InboundHound, a search marketing blog, recently posted a blog titled “1st page in Google: a bonus, not a business model“.  We couldn’t agree more.  Getting ranked in Google is certainly an important part of a digital marketing strategy,  but it’s only a part. In our recent blog post, we highlighted just what Google is doing… Read More

On-Site and Off-Site SEO: What’s The Difference?

The difference between On-Site and Off-Site SEO can fool even the most experienced Web Expert. Toss in content marketing, building backlinks and how to rank for high intent keywords in search engines and it’s tough to know even where to start! So how do you put together all these pieces in a way that makes… Read More

When To Use SEO and PPC In Your Marketing

  If you own a service based business and have a website, you’ve probably had this question before. You want to generate leads through your website but there’s one little problem… Your analytics look like a ghost town (Insert tumble weeds). So how do you drive qualified prospects to your website? SEO and PPC are… Read More

How to use Google Trends To Get Better Traffic

Do you ever start using Google Trends to find what’s trending and end up not using any of the data that looked so promising? Good. You’re no different from most marketers out there. But it’s time to stop wasting your time searching for dead end results and start getting everything you can out of this free… Read More

3 Simple Formatting Tweaks To Make Your Content More Readable

The perfect paragraph length We scan, we don’t read online. Think about how you read your email. Do you read it word for word? Unless it’s a huge contract or urgent piece of news, it’s very rare people read every word of every email. I think about paragraph length how I think about having a… Read More

7 Mobile Directories You Should Update Right Now

The other day a friend of mine was looking for dentist. He was literally driving in his SUV, turned on his iPhone’s GPS (at a stoplight of course) and used FourSquare to find who is now, his new dentist. More and more consumers are turning to online directories when they search for businesses in their… Read More