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Sep 07

The Rise of the Influencer Economy with Ryan Williams

By Joel Widmer | Blog , Content Marketing , Social Media Marketing

There’s no such thing as a boring conversation with Ryan Williams. Ryan is a former standup comedian, founding member of a social media marketing startup that got acquired by Disney,  marketer at and too many other things to list. On top of that, he’s interviewed over 100 elite influencers from Youtube stars with millions of followers, venture […]

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Sep 18

Why SlideShare is an Underrated Marketing Opportunity You Can’t Ignore

By Joel Widmer | Blog , Content Marketing , Resources , Social Media Marketing

This article was originally posted on SMC Dallas Why is SlideShare neglected by most?  Business-to-business (B2B) marketing isn’t very sexy, and the thought of browsing PowerPoints in your free time is enough to make most people’s skin crawl. But that’s what I like about SlideShare. Most poorly designed slide decks never see the light of […]

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Jul 11

How To Put Your Reputation Monitoring on Autopilot

By Joel Widmer | Blog , Blogging , Branding , Content Marketing , Resources , Social Media Marketing

For most people, monitoring their brand online is an afterthought. Until there’s an emergency. It’s not that their online reputation isn’t important, it’s just not a priority. The opposite is also true. If you aren’t monitoring your brand actively and an opportunity comes up that could significantly help you and your business, you won’t be […]

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Jun 19

The Ultimate Linkedin Recommendation Checklist

By Joel Widmer | Blog , Content Marketing , LinkedIn , Resources , Social Media Marketing

You just visited your LinkedIn profile and realized your recommendations section is looking a little stale. You don’t want potential clients visiting your page and seeing irrelevant recommendations or even worse, no recommendations at all, so what do you do?? Below I’ve outlined several short actionable tips to walk you through every step of the […]

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