The 57 Best Entrepreneur Podcasts of 2017

Having the right podcasts in your pocket at the right time is like having a world-class mentor on demand for your business. You can find a podcast on just about any topic related to what you’re going through. It’s pretty amazing to think you can listen to some of the smartest people in business coach… Read More

How Jon Nastor Turned His Podcast Into a Successful Book & Business

I recently had the privilege of chatting with Jon Nastor. Jon is the host of the Hack The Entrepreneur podcast (200+ episodes and one of the top podcasts in his category on iTunes) and the co-host of Copyblogger’s The Showrunner, a podcast about podcasting. In this interview, we talk about everything from how Jon wrote his new book and… Read More

Talking Content Marketing Strategy on Startup Dallas TV

I love interviews. They’re one of the best ways to create content and one of the main ways Fluxe positions our clients as thought leaders. Usually I’m the one driving and asking the questions, but today I wanted to share an interview where I’m in the hot seat. I recently had a great conversation with Jason Croft at Magic Production… Read More

How To Stop Depending on Motivation with Robert Smith

I can’t think of a better time for sharing this interview than at the beginning of a New Year. Most people make their New Year’s resolutions and plan out their year, making big hairy audacious goals that they want to achieve. And I used to do that too. Until I met Robert. I had the… Read More

How To Manage Customer Expectations with Erick Goss

Whenever I have the opportunity to chat for a few minutes with Eric Goss, I’d jump on it. My conversations with Eric turned always out to be not only really interesting but they have a habit of throwing my entire day off because the guy really makes you think. If you’re not careful, you’ll be… Read More

The Truth About Business Growth With Dr. Jeff Cornwall

Dr. Jeff Cornwall is one of the most humble people you’ll ever meet. When you meet him, he won’t tell you he ran Atlantic Behavioral Health Systems for 9 years with over 300 employees, authored 5 books and has helped 100’s if not thousands of businesses succeed throughout his 40 year career as an entrepreneur…. Read More

From 0-1000 New Members a Day: Inside Brian Roland’s Unique Business

Welcome to episode #5 of the Fluxe Digital Marketing Podcast! What’s the next logical step in your career after a sales job at Sprint? If you ask Brian Roland, your going to get answer you probably won’t hear anywhere else. Brian started Abenity which is a company that helps organizations create discount programs for their… Read More

How To Position Yourself For New Opportunities with Ryan Crist

When I call Ryan on the phone and ask him what he’s up to, he’s not one of those people that say something like, “Oh nothing much, ya know same ole thing…” Ryan ALWAYS has something new going on and he’s one of those people you have a tough time believing is human because they… Read More

Embracing Disruptive Technology With Rob Harvey

Welcome to episode #3 of the Fluxe Digital Marketing Podcast! Remember when you first started out in business? How much you learned that year? You probably look back and wonder how you did it. It’s extremely difficult to keep a beginner’s mind as you go throughout your career or business. And that’s what this weeks… Read More

Search Engine Personalization With Kacy Maxwell

Welcome to Episode #2 of the Fluxe Digital Marketing Podcast. Have you ever compared search results on Google with a friend? If not, you may be surprised to know you’ll get completely different results.  Giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Netflix all have search algorithims that are designed to produce what they think is the… Read More