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Interview Blogging Process


This page will guide you through our process for creating, editing and publishing blog content from conversations with our clients.

What To Expect the First Month

Initial Questionnaire

We always want to start by getting to know your brand. We do that a few ways and the first is having you talk about it. We’ll send you two quick questionnaires to fill out prior to our first call. These will include questions on your branding, target audience & demographics. We’ll also discuss your brand during the first call and then do our own research as well.

That research prepares us for your initial Content Extraction call.

Initial Content Extraction Process

The initial content extraction is a one hour call, where we’ll brainstorm a big list of possible content ideas. We’ll use that list to create content for the next several months.

We’ll also talk through your brand voice and walk through exactly how you want your brand to come across through your articles. We’ll use this to create a writer brief that will guide the writers to capture your tone and voice.

This Accomplishes Two Things:

  1.  It helps you see how much content you really have. Once we start brainstorming, you’ll be surprised by how many topics and subtopics you quickly come up with from the questions I ask.
  2. It saves time by not having to come up with topics every month. Batching is the key to successfully saving time. And once we have our big list of topics, we can organize them based on your marketing funnel.

Ongoing Monthly Content Creation

Monthly Interview Calls

Each month we’ll schedule a Skype or phone call and talk through four to eight blog posts we discussed in the content extraction.

For each post I’ll have 3-4 questions that will be part of our conversation. This helps guide the post with a strong intro, middle, and conclusion. The questions are designed to draw out your best content in an organized way.

After the Call:

We transcribe the interview and work with our writers to write each article in your voice. Once they’re written, we edit, proofread, and check each one to make sure they follow your guidelines. Then, we send it to you for a final proofread.

Once The Final Draft is Approved The Client:

  1. We purchase a copyright-free photo for each post.
  2. The blog posts are uploaded to your website.
  3. We optimize the posts for SEO and schedule them to be published.
  4. We create and send you 3-5 content snippets from the post you can use for your social media content.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all!