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Sep 07

The Rise of the Influencer Economy with Ryan Williams

By Joel Widmer | Authority & Thought Leadership , Content Marketing , Social Media

There’s no such thing as a boring conversation with Ryan Williams. Ryan is a former stand up comedian, founding member of a social media marketing startup that got acquired by Disney,  marketer at and too many other things to list. On top of that, he’s interviewed over 100 elite influencers from Youtube stars with millions of followers, […]

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position employees thought leaders
Apr 26

3 Ways to Position Your Key Employees as Industry Thought Leaders

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing , Authority & Thought Leadership

Thought leaders never start out as thought leaders.  They earn that title from constant growth (the “thought”) and build a following of people who listen and take action on what they say (the “leader”).  So, at what point did they graduate from employee to thought leader? After working with dozens of thought leaders across different industries, […]

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Jan 27

How Jon Nastor Turned His Podcast Into a Successful Book & Business

By Joel Widmer | Authority & Thought Leadership , Content Marketing

I recently had the privilege of chatting with Jon Nastor. Jon is the host of the Hack The Entrepreneur podcast (200+ episodes and one of the top podcasts in his category on iTunes) and the co-host of Copyblogger’s The Showrunner, a podcast about podcasting. In this interview, we talk about everything from how Jon wrote his new book and […]

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