From NHL Enforcer to Corporate Lawyer: Stu Grimson on Embracing Change

From NHL Enforcer to Corporate Lawyer: Stu Grimson on Embracing Change

By Joel Widmer | Course of Action Podcast

Mar 08

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Stu Grimson knows a thing or two about career diversity. He’s experienced success at every end of the spectrum — from becoming one of the greatest NHL enforcers of all time to a successful lawyer, broadcaster, business developer, and more.

Here Are a Few Things You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How Stu dealt with drastic change over his career, always finding a way to make it positive.
  • The lesson he learned from a former coach that applied to business as much as hockey.
  • How Stu overcame uncertainty and self-doubt in law school after retiring from hockey (and how he used that mindset to move confidently into every venture he set his mind to).

The Cheatsheet

Hockey’s Unwritten Code & What That Taught Stu

  • No matter how bad the fight, the players never held a grudge off the ice.
  • “There’s a lot of respect that we have for one another and it never spills over outside of the rank it just kind of all business inside the context of the game, and it actually oddly enough acts as, serves as a kind of a rapport from one aggressive player to the next.”

Why Stu Became an Enforcer and How it Helped Him Push Past His Fears

  • Stu didn’t choose to be an Enforcer, he chose to play hockey and that meant going where he was needed most.
  • “Early in my pro career, one of my first few games, I knew that if I was going to survive and succeed at pro Hockey and and be a member of the NHL, I knew I had to play this (Enforcer) role. It was kind of with knees knocking and a dry mouth that I stepped forward and did what needed to be done.”
  • “I quickly found that there’s nothing more exhilarating, nothing more exciting, nothing more rewarding than being able to push past your fears. Stepping into the moment do what you need to do. That that lesson has carried forward…”

How Stu Pushed Past the Uncertainty Between Career Changes

  • Everyone deals with doubt, especially when changing careers.
  • “I would get up and I would put my feet on the ground and I would go what the heck is this Vancouver BC native doing in Memphis Tennessee going to law school???”
  • Stu Shares his Framework for how he pushed past uncertainty and stuck with his decisions and ultimately because successful in every new endeavor he started.

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