Case Study: How Two Email Tweaks Made $22,487

Case Study: How Two Email Tweaks Made $22,487

By Joel Widmer | Email Marketing & Automation

Jan 16

What if you made two tweaks to your email campaign that increased revenue by 400%? We did this for a client and the results were so impressive that we couldn’t keep them to ourselves. In this post we’ll walk you through the two big changes we made and how we executed each one!

I’ve included a screenshot of the $22,487 campaign we launched on November 3, 2011…


We sent one core email to 7 segments but tweaked the copy to engage each segment.

How We Set The Campaign Up For Success

One of the first things we did before we made any tweaks to the email campaign was to dive into the email list. We sliced and diced the list so many ways, we felt like we knew everyone on the list personally! The more you know about your audience, the more educated tweaks you can make, which ultimately results in less tweaks and quicker success.

The Two Tweaks

The secret behind these tweaks was persistance. Most people (who complain about their lack of success) make one tweak and move on. What they don’t realize is that you must continually tinker with your campaign with the insights from your list. At some point you NEED to ship. Don’t tweak and tinker so much that you never get your email out the door but always look back at past campaigns for insights on what you can improve on this time. For this campaign we looked at the past 5 campaigns for things we could improve on. I’ve outlined a few below in the two tweaks we made:

1. We Stopped Selling

If your idea of ramping up your marketing is to include more sales copy, hopefully this will change your mind. We found that by including less sales copy and more interesting content, we were able to ultimately make bigger sales and increase revenue.

How we did it

  • We engaged readers by putting more interesting content than sales pitches in the emails. We also included links to read more on the website. That way the subscribers were familiar with clicking through to the website and more willing to click through when we sold them something through the website.
  • We promoted other things that aligned with our brand and encouraged subscribers to take action but weren’t hard sells. One of the things we promoted was our events and other community events around town. Again, we were focusing on getting our subscribers familiar with clicking through and taking action.

2. We Created Smarter Segments 

One of the tweaks we made was specifically for new subscribers. After doing a little research, we found that we were sending too many sales focused emails to new subscribers that weren’t ready to buy yet. So we focused on earning their trust with valuable content. One of our first segmentations was to remove all of our new subscribers from the promotional email campaigns. This one tweak also reduced the unsubscribe rate for new subscribers.

How We Did It:

  • We not only tracked new subscribers but also where they subscribed to us from. Some subscribers were ready to by immediately because they signed up specifically for deals. We didn’t include these subscribers in our “New Subscribers” segment. It paid off because many of them bought immediately through the email campaign.
  • We focused on multiple segment. If you notice the screenshot above, we segmented the list seven ways which meant we sent out seven different marketing emails. The key was that we tweaked the email copy to resonate with each of the audiences. The more your audience can relate to your marketing message, the less they’ll see it as a sales pitch and the more they’ll see it as a resource.


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Joel Widmer is the Founder & CEO of Fluxe Digital Marketing—a content marketing shop that helps smart businesses create, produce and promote their content through a unique one-on-one interview process. When he’s not working, Joel can be found trying new restaurants with his wife, son, and daughter.

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Fantastic tips, Joel! It’s amazing how some small tweaks can make a huge difference.

I love split testing email subject lines. It’s often interesting how the headline you THINK is better will be outperformed by the alternative. If you didn’t test that, your campaign may not have performed nearly as well. The same goes for the tweaks you made. Thanks for sharing!


    It seems like every time I put my money on one subject line, the other one always outperforms it : ) Goes to show you never can tell until you test them! Thanks for the great tip Laura!


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