Mission & Values | Fluxe Digital Marketing

Mission & Values

Fluxe Mission

We help great businesses grow their brands and build authority by sharing their stories through conversion-focused content.

We believe that every great company has a story to tell, and our mission is to help them unlock and craft their stories to impact others.

Fluxe Values

Above all else, we strive to...

Protect and respect our partners. We believe in building long-term, meaningful relationships. We look out for new opportunities and protect you from mistakes.

Learn and grow every day. We’re curious, interested people. We make time for learning every day and implement our new knowledge.

Make decisions and own the results. Many companies are overwhelmed and paralyzed by options. We make the decisions and take responsibility for the outcome.

Start with strategy. Tactics are meaningless without strategy. Before we start spinning plates, we’ll establish your goals and create a strategy that fits.

Share our knowledge. Insight is more powerful than data. We give information freely.

Support our team. The most effective teams have autonomy to produce great work and an environment that fosters communication and collaboration.

Value our client’s time as much as our own. We’re all busy, so everything we do is actionable and goal-oriented. We limit the burden on your time.

Tell your story, don't post noise. Our interview-extraction process turns your unique perspective into content that motivates and educates your audience.

What We Believe about Content Marketing

  • Every client and company has a unique story, and we help them pull it out and tell it in the best way possible.
  • You must create content that fits the buyer in every stage of their journey and every stage of your sales funnel.
  • Content marketing is an effective and cost-effective long-term marketing strategy.
  • Writing good content isn’t enough. It must be aligned with your brand’s message and goals and you must have a strategy surrounding it to educate your prospects at every stage.
  • Good content marketing shows instead of tells. It delivers huge value to your audience, with unique insights, education or entertainment.
  • You can't add value online without content. Content is the foundation of almost every other online strategy, from video to advertising to email marketing to website optimization. It's your cornerstone. If you aren’t educating your customers and prospects, someone else is.
  • We believe you should provide value before you ask for something from your prospects. Content marketing is how we do that.
  • Great content educates and motivates prospects to choose you when they’re ready. Most prospects aren’t ready to make a decision today, so your job is to help them make the best possible decision when they’re ready.
  • If you only educate without motivation, you’ll get stuck in the content friend zone.
  • Content marketing doesn’t exist alone. It must be part of a growth team including lead generation and acquisition (paid advertising). It should be the backbone of lead generation and paid search to help build your email list and attract new leads with organic content.
  • Content marketing helps build relationships. You may not be the first person to write about a topic, but you are the only one with your unique experiences and viewpoint. That's why your audience wants to hear from you. Your content has the power to connect with people on a level no one else can. It's not about finding a topic that's never been written about before (good luck!), it's about writing on topics that are important to your audience with your unique perspective.