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How To Organize Your LinkedIn Sections

By Joel Widmer | Social Media

Feb 11

Linkedin now allows you to reorder any movable box on your profile to organize what you want visitors to see on your profile first. Check out the video below on how to do it.

So the question is: How should I organize my profile?

How you should organize your profile is not a “one answer fits all” question. It varies depending on the situation your in. The goal of organizing your profile is to optimize it for your audience. NOT yourself. Who is the target demographic that you want visiting your profile? And what are they coming there to see? For example, my target demo is potential clients. Therefore, my top 3 boxes are my summary, recommendations and the best way to contact me. I want them to see what I’m all about, that I’m legitimate and how to reach me. Again the number one question is, What do my visitors want to see? And how do I make it easiest for them to find what they want?

Here’s my recommendations for a few different types of career situations and how to organize their sections:

Student: Education, Experience, Resume, honors and awards

In transition: Resume, Experience, summary and contact info

Entrepreneur: Summary, Contact Settings, Recommendations, Apps for a presentation from slideshare or a white-paper on your expertise.

Employee: Summary, Experience, Recommendations

Networker: Summary, Recommendations, Groups, Social apps (e.g. blog and twitter feeds)

How did you organize your sections? Let me know in the comments.


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