How To Keep Your Content Relevant To Your Audience

How To Keep Your Content Relevant To Your Audience

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing

Feb 01
How to keep your content relevant To Your Audience

What’s the difference between an advertisement and a resource? Think about it for a second…

The more relevant an advertisement is to you, the less you see it as an ad and the more you refer to it as a useful resource.

You may be spamming your audience and not even know it by syncing your social media accounts together. Not all audience’s are created equal.

Here’s a simple tweak to keep the trust and attention of your audience:

If you have Linkedin set to post to Twitter every time you update or Twitter set to update Linkedin. Disable it!

Why? People tend to update Twitter a lot more often than Linkedin, so what happens is they usually clog up the Linkedin newsfeeds. It only takes one click of my mouse button to hide your updates forever. One click and you become invisible to me and your influence drops to ZERO. Or worse, a lot of people will just disconnect with you and you will lose them completely!

If you have Twitter constantly updating Facebook, Disable it!

Why? If your audience is going to take the time to read your updates, they expect you to take the time to write the updates for them. By syncing your Twitter and Facebook accounts your basically saying “I don’t care enough about you to give my first-hand thoughts so here’s my sloppy seconds from Twitter. Enjoy!” OK, maybe not that bad but I’ve heard that several times. People want to read content that’s made for them! Remember, that’s the difference between selling and adding value!

Don’t worry. You don’t need to come up with shiny exclusive content for every single channel. Just practice recycling your content! Instead of posting the exact same update to every social network, try taking a few seconds and crafting it to fit your different audiences on each network. For me, Facebook content is more personal since it’s mostly friends and family, Twitter content is more nerdy since it’s mostly peers and Linkedin content is more business since it’s mostly clients and networking acquaintances. Figure out what works for your channels.

You can easily un-sync your accounts by going to the settings page for each account and disabling the app your using to sync the two accounts.

The extra minute it takes is worth it. Not only will it make you a better writer, your audience will be much more attentive and engaging.

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