7 Free Content Marketing Analytics Dashboards You Can Download

7 Free Content Marketing Analytics Dashboards You Can Download

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing

Sep 14
free Content Marketing Analytics Dashboards

Ever find yourself at a loss for what to search for when looking through your content marketing analytics?

If so, I have the perfect solution (7 actually!)! Lucky for us, Google is here to help.

Most people don’t realize it but they have an entire FREE dashboard marketplace, you can download and import almost any type of content marketing analytics dashboard you want.

google_analytics_dashboardsThey have everything from Acquisition to conversion, e-commerce to mobile and social. You can see the whole list to the right.

Did I mention they’re all free? 

As in, you don’t have an excuse NOT to download them free? If you have a Google Analytics account you can import them. In this post, I’ve included my top 7 most helpful dashboards you can start with.

Here’s How:

To import any dashboard, just click the link of the dashboard name below, click the import button on the top left and choose the website property you want to add it to. That’s it!

Social Media Dashboard

How is social media performing for your brand? This dashboard gives you a view of Off-site activity, On-site activity, and Conversions/Outcomes, making it easier to evaluate user activity throughout the conversion process.


SEO Dashboard


This SEO Dashboard gives you good view of your top landing pages organized by goal completion. It also breaks down your long-tail keywords with conversion and bounce rates for future content marketing analytics ideas starting from seven words, down to one word.  The site pictured gets all social traffic so not much SEO to show but you get the idea.

Spam Traffic Detection Dashboard


Have you ever looked at your traffic sources in the Acquisition tab, under Sources/Medium and wondered who all those weird URL’s are clicking on your site? It’s kind of exciting see traffic from new sites, right? So you throw them into Google to figure out who’s sending you traffic only to open some spammy site you instantly regret visiting. 

Red arrows = spam traffic

That’s exactly what those sites are designed to do. They send you bot traffic (not real traffic) in hopes that you’ll wonder who it is and use that to drive clicks back to your site and show up in your analytics.

This not only artificially inflates your analytics (and ego) but it’s also just a pain. This dashboard helps you identify potential spam traffic and exclude it from your view. That way you know exactly how your site is performing.

Site Performance Dashboard

Site Performance Dashboard

Is your IT team begging for useful data? This dashboard contains various speed metrics to help identify issues with your pages or servers. It’s helpful for keeping an eye on especially when you get spikes in traffic. 

Top KPI’s (excluding spam)


This is one of my favorite dashboards because you can instantly tell what’s going on and spot potential problems with a glance. I also like that they excluded all the major spam sites to give you a more accurate view of your metrics. 

Content Analysis Dashboard


This Content Analysis Dashboard is all about analyzing and providing insightful data that will help you evaluate the efficiency of the content in your website. Based on these widgets you will be able to see which one of the pages are under performing/over performing and adjust your content strategy according to your needs. Super helpful for anyone who’s a content marketing analytics nerd like myself. 

Google Analytics User Starter Bundle


Last but not least: A bundle of the must-have dashboards, custom reports and segments for any new Google Analytics user. Includes: Really Engaged Traffic segmentation analysis, Visitor Acquisition Efficiency analysis, Mobile metrics by hour segment, SEO: Referring Pages custom report, Search Traffic custom report, eCommerce marketing traffic custom report, Social Sharing custom report, Site Performance custom report, Mobile eCommerce custom report, Self referral troubleshooting, Sitelinks in URL custom report, SEO: 3,4,5 & 7+ keyword segmentation analysis, (not provided) analysis.

This isn’t just one bundle, you get all the segments, custom reports and Dashboards listed above!

Want to see more analytics dashboards? Click here to visit the Analytics Solutions Gallery browse them all yourself.


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