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Authority and Thought Leadership

Learn how to become a trusted authority in your industry or niche.

Thought leadership is more than expertise. It's more than blogging.

Thought leadership is a method of accumulating, organizing and sharing information. It's when you drill deep into a subject and build a community of like-minded people. 

Thought leadership has nothing to do with your family name or where you went to school. Business success isn't necessary either (though it helps). Thought leadership exists in every industry and niche. 

Thought leadership is about creating value in other people's lives.

To create that value, most thought leaders use content. Some write white-papers, maintain a blog, or speak at conventions. They all have a content strategy - a systematized way to sharing information to their audiences. 

Content helps thought leaders become apart of the conversation. Content is the platform they use to disseminate knowledge, explore new concepts, share their insights, and tell stories of their unique experiences. 

The following articles will teach you how to become a thought leader that's admired by your fans and the first person they turn to when they're ready to spend money. 

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