83 Engaging Content Ideas For Your Next Update, Tweet or Post

83 Engaging Content Ideas For Your Next Update, Tweet or Post

By Joel Widmer | Social Media

Jul 24

Which ones to use? At the end of each one, add “If it’s relevant to my target audience”.

  1. Link to an industry related article and ask a question about it
  2. Create a short quiz and offer a prize to the winner
  3. Become a resource for something local (e.g. all the networking groups related to your industry) and post links to the event
  4. Hold a Haiku Contest related to something relevant
  5. Post a useless work diversion article (e.g. Dad sues son for $128k in Cubs Tickets)
  6. Currently Reading/watching/listening to (Insert: blog post, magazine article, book, podcast, CD, radio station, movie etc.) followed by a question or comment about it. Don’t forget to include a pic of whatever it is.
  7. Share company news
  8. Share behind the scenes photos
  9. Conduct an interview with an industry influencer
  10. Conduct an interview with an employee focusing on their expertise
  11. Share a compelling testimonial in video, audio or text
  12. Announce something new
  13. Tackle an issue in your industry
  14. Ask for feedback on something your working on
  15. Post a quote
  16. Post something from your Google Alerts
  17. Start a feature of the day/week/month
  18. Review a Book/movie/author/blogger/
  19. Solicit questions from your followers and answer them (e.g. Q&A Day)
  20. Open your wall for customer service questions
  21. Post community events
  22. Re-Post something remarkable that someone else wrote (and thank them for it)
  23. Recognize Great clients/vendors/suppliers/coworkers/etc… in a special way
  24. Bust myths about your industry or profession
  25. Share exclusive deals or specials
  26. Post a comprehensive guide
  27. Share history of your niche in a 4-part series
  28. Share interesting facts about your niche
  29. Embed a slideshow from Slideshare
  30. Post something funny that happened to you during the workday (a pic or video always helps)
  31. Quick Tips
  32. Tutorials
  33. How-To’s
  34. Write down the most frequent questions you get asked by customers or prospects and cover them
  35. Post Yes/No questions
  36. Do your part to share a great (distracting) Youtube video
  37. Post a statement and ask if your audience agrees or disagrees
  38. Post a photo and ask what your audience thinks
  39. Break news: local or national
  40. Give away something for free: No strings attached
  41. Spotlight businesses/non-profits/organizations making a difference in the community
  42. Share a case study or white paper related to your industry
  43. Profiles of industry or local  leaders
  44. Ongoing Polls or surveys
  45. Take a pic of something funny/interesting/beautiful/unusual with your phone and upload it
  46. Share a fundraiser your passionate about
  47. Post a helpful Checklist
  48. Share a helpful resource list (like this one:)
  49. Invite someone to do a guest post
  50. Best Practices and Tips
  51. Highlight Press Coverage
  52. Share a song
  53. Celebrate a company milestone
  54. Link to your latest blog post
  55. Ask for a restaurant recommendation
  56. Congratulate someone on a new job or promotion
  57. Industry best practices
  58. Make your audience laugh with a funny pic/video/joke
  59. Share a great local deal or promotion you found
  60. “Is anyone else________” (e.g. having problems with this app/going to this event…)
  61. Post an infographic
  62. Share an interesting website
  63. Give someone travel tips if they’re in your city for the first time
  64. Share a recommendation
  65. Organize a meetup
  66. Give away a data-driven report
  67. Share new studies
  68. Comment on someones profile pic/bio/experience/jobs etc…
  69. Make a prediction
  70. Write a manual and give it away
  71. Share quotable information from events or conferences your at
  72. Contribute to a hashtag discussion
  73. Warn your local audience of a traffic jam
  74. Share those ideas you’ll never use
  75. Share a witty analogy
  76. Pass on a job opening
  77. Share your Foursquare or Gowalla location
  78. Announce a deal you got from Carl Says
  79. Share that secret recipe everyone asks you for
  80. If your traveling, post pictures and updates
  81. Share a fascinating statistic
  82. Suggest other great people to follow or connect with
  83. Share a productivity hack that works for you

Did you notices that not one of those ideas included tooting your own horn without giving some kind of value to your audience? So I guess a general rule of thumb I’d use would be 1 shameless self promo for every 82 thoughtful value adding updates, tweets or posts:)

Help me build this list! If you have more content ideas, share them in the comments and I’ll be sure to add them and give you credit! My goal is to never hear the words, “I don’t know what to share.” or “I ran out of ideas.” again! (Lofty, I know.)




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Here’s another one…share an “out of the mouths of babes” moment, something cute/profound/funny you heard a child say.

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