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We help smart businesses build strong brands and generate leads in a fraction of the time it takes to do on their own.

Build Your Strategy

We dive into your brand and audience to create a personalized, goal-driven marketing strategy.

Craft Your Content

We interview a member of your team each month for just one hour to create a month of content.

Publish & Promote

We take care of publishing and promoting your content, both on and off your website.

How Fluxe Digital Marketing Began

Joel Widmer
Founder & CEO of Fluxe Digital Marketing

Nine years ago I sat down at a coffee shop to have difficult conversation with a client.

I’d created a marketing strategy for them to execute, but weeks had passed and they hadn’t made any progress. All I needed from them was the content, but they just didn’t have the time to write it. So I had an idea...  

“Let’s try something different,” I said. “Let’s have a conversation like I'm a prospect and you’re just chatting with me.”

I asked him a few questions and before we knew it, he’d created all the content he needed for the next month!

Since that day in the coffee shop, we’ve constantly refined the process to make it effortless for business leaders to share their best ideas.  

Behind the scenes, it takes an eight person team and dozens of steps between the interview call and the published content - but the client isn’t bothered with that. They just spend one hour with us each month and approve the content before it’s published.

We’ve had a blast getting results for hundreds of amazing clients, but here’s why we really do it...

If you’re a business leader with a unique story that helps others, it’s your responsibility to share it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s been said before. It hasn’t been said by YOU. You bring unique experiences and a perspective that will resonate with an audience when nothing else will.

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What Our Clients Say

raj jha testimonial

"If you don't think you have time to do effective marketing, talk to Joel at Fluxe. Fluxe has been instrumental in taking our experience and the assets we have and producing high-quality content on our blog, social media, and video. Best of all, Joel truly understands our business and captures our unique voice."

Raj Jha - Founder, Practice Alchemy

"Our goal with Fluxe was to increase conversions from local organic traffic on our website while lowering our cost per lead. Since we started, organic traffic has become our largest source of new patients and our cost per lead has decreased as they continue to build high quality content."

Dr. Todd Plott - Owner, Dermatology Alliance

What You Get with Fluxe on Your Marketing Team

  • An expert content marketing team dedicated to your success.
  • Every word written in your unique brand voice.
  • Monthly researched content topics prepared for you.
  • Long-form content (1000 to 5000 words long).
  • All content is keyword driven and optimized for SEO.
  • Custom images and graphics created for each post.
  • Lead magnets created for all articles to increase email leads.
  • Social media snippets to promote your content.
  • All content published to your WordPress blog.
  • All of this takes just one hour per month of your time.