[Survey] How 1000+ Top Business Bloggers Create Content

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing

Nov 12

A few weeks back, the folks from Orbit Media published the results from an interesting survey of 1000 business bloggers. Their goal was to find what the most successful business bloggers are doing and how we can learn from them.

Along with many other insights, the results showed changes in attitude and time spent blogging between 2014 and 2015. They found that blogging is “growing up”; as people spend more time blogging, they’re treating it less like a hobby and more like a profession.You can see a summary in the infographic below, or check out the full article here.

Two Insights on the State of Business Blogging

There were two additional findings I wanted to point out – one that shocked me and one that encouraged me.

1. Only 16% of business blogs have a formal editing process.

That statistic wouldn’t be so alarming if it was talking about all blogs, but these are businesses. Every blog post you publish is just as much a reflection of your brand as an ad or logo.

The editing process not only catches mistakes, it improve the quality of your content by helping you sound more like you. Even when you’re not sure how to say something, a good editor can help you write what you mean, instead of what you say.

If you’re serious about creating content for marketing and lead generation, you need an editor in your content production process.

2. More bloggers are writing during the day instead of after hours.

Blogging is becoming more of a priority for businesses – just look at the decrease in blogging at night/on the weekends and the increase in blogging during business hours. Blogging has become part of the daily routine rather than an afterthought or something done in spare time. This is an encouraging finding because it wouldn’t be the case if blogging wasn’t working for businesses.

Infographic Created by Copyblogger


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