How To Outsource Your Boring Marketing Tasks For $5

By Joel Widmer | Content Marketing

Sep 24

What repetitive marketing tasks do you know you need to do but continually put off?

If they don’t require big decisions, you probably don’t need to be doing them. In this post I’m going to show you how to free up more time to grow your business by outsourcing those small tedious projects.

If you’re a small business and are ready for a part-time or full-time marketing hire, you might not think twice about doing those annoying marketing tasks yourself. If you’ve never outsourced before, it can be intimidating to pay and trust someone potentially halfway around the world with your brand and your money.

When I first started outsourcing my mundane marketing tasks, I started small  on a low dollar project, learned a lot and had a lot of success. I found out that many of the things that I assumed about delegating these tasks were simply not true. So I moved up to larger projects with continued success and eventually grew into hiring an outsourced team.

Make no mistake, I’ve had messed up PLENTY along the way, but instead of letting that hold me back, I learned from them and moved forward.  Even though outsourcing can be inexpensive, it doesn’t mean you can delegate and forget about it. But, if you follow a few guidelines that I have laid out, it’s extremely simple to get started.

Here are two great services that will help you get started delegating those tasks right away.



Fiverr is a unique site where everything is just five dollars. You can literally get a project done or almost anything created for a mere five dollars.  From videos to songs written and sung to you to pictures drawn to professional voiceovers, Fiverr has you covered!

Here’s a few marketing projects that I use Fiverr for:

  1. E-book Cover designs
  2. 3-D e-book covers
  3. Video intro bumpers
  4. Converting PDF’s into Kindle to put on Amazon
  5. Animation videos

Tips for Fiverr

Fiverr  is by no means perfect and even though it is only five dollars you need to…

Make sure to clearly articulate your instructions and  always use links to examples if needed.

Always read reviews and check out a few similar gigs before choosing.

Pay attention to delivery times and what the reviewers say about if the seller was on time or not.

If you have a unique question for the seller before you buy, you can always message them to see if they could do your project. So don’t hesitate to ask.

Remember it’s only five dollars!  The people providing these services can be anywhere in the world so don’t take for granted the  language or jargon you use will mean the same thing.  If the service is not up to par, simply ask them to make  changes and clearly outline what you want changed and they are usually always more than happy to do it.

Fancy Hands

fancy hands for marketers

Fancy Hands is a newer service that I just finished testing and was very impressed with. It’s different than Fiverr in the sense that you have a monthly subscription where you get 5, 15 or 25 tasks each month that include anything from scheduling to research to tasks an assistant could do. And it starts at only $12.50/mo! Use this referral link and you’ll get half off your first month:

Unlike Fiverr, you don’t have one person specifically assigned to you, they actually assign someone based on the task that you request which I think is a plus because you get someone who specialized in each of your requests.

Here’s a few things Fancy Hands is awesome at

  1. Proofreading proposals, blog posts, website content or any content.
  2. Gather competitive Intel on competitors services and put them in a google doc.
  3. Provide a content summary on articles.
  4. Schedule meetings and conference calls.
  5. Research content ideas.

Tips for Fancy Hands

Just like Fiverr, you need to be extremely specific on what you are looking for and what you need with Fancy Hands so always remember to provide the action item that you want ,where they need to put it (I always use Google docs) and if there is a timeline.

They usually take about one day to fulfill the request so plan accordingly.

List out any specific ways you want the project done. For example, when I had them proofread a few blog posts and requested they do it in Google docs and asked them to make edits and suggestions using the comment feature so I knew what changes were made.

Don’t forget to provide them access to login info or links to anything your project may require.

These two options give you a risk free way to dip your toe into delegating those parts of your business or job you aren’t an expert at so you can focus on the things you are. What are your tips for outsourcing your mundane marketing tasks?


About the Author

Joel Widmer is the Founder & CEO of Fluxe Digital Marketing—a content marketing shop that helps smart businesses create, produce and promote their content through a unique one-on-one interview process. When he’s not working, Joel can be found trying new restaurants with his wife and son.

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