3 Types of Content People Love To Share [Infographic]

Ten articles written about the same topic. One goes viral. Why? What makes one piece of content get shared thousands of times while others slowly fade into obscurity? (Or get lost in your blog’s archives…) The folks at Uberflip teamed up with Buzzsumo and analyzed thousands of posts to find the three types of content that get… Read More

7 Great Tools to Visualize Your Brand

The first step to improving your brand online is to take a good look at it from 50,000 feet. Here’s 7 of the best visual tools to help you analyze the different elements of your brand online. And all the tools are free! Twitter Venn Google Trends Wordle Twitter Spectrum TrendsMap Flickr Related Tags Browser… Read More

Social Networking Grows UP

Flowtown just posted a great infographic called, “My Mom’s on Facebook.” It’s packed with tons of good statistics on demographic info across, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. What I thought was the most interesting, is that the average age of social network user’s now is 37 yearrs old! (Image by Flowtown)