10 Exciting Content Marketing Trends From 2012

It’s been a great year for digital marketing. I’ve seen a lot of changes happen in search marketing, content marketing and especially social media but the one thing that I’ve seen grow consistently is the need for quality content on business websites. Below we’ve taken the most interesting and exciting trends from this year and… Read More

Getting Ranked in Google is just the Icing on the Cake

InboundHound, a search marketing blog, recently posted a blog titled “1st page in Google: a bonus, not a business model“.  We couldn’t agree more.  Getting ranked in Google is certainly an important part of a digital marketing strategy,  but it’s only a part. In our recent blog post, we highlighted just what Google is doing… Read More

How To Manage Customer Expectations with Erick Goss

Whenever I have the opportunity to chat for a few minutes with Eric Goss, I’d jump on it. My conversations with Eric turned always out to be not only really interesting but they have a habit of throwing my entire day off because the guy really makes you think. If you’re not careful, you’ll be… Read More

What If They Steal My Content?

You’ve worked a long time building your business. You’ve put hundreds, even thousands of hours into generating unique ideas or solving problems for your clients. So why would you share your unique content online for your competitors to scoop up and use to get ahead of you? It’s not that you’re against the idea of… Read More

When To Use SEO and PPC In Your Marketing

  If you own a service based business and have a website, you’ve probably had this question before. You want to generate leads through your website but there’s one little problem… Your analytics look like a ghost town (Insert tumble weeds). So how do you drive qualified prospects to your website? SEO and PPC are… Read More

How To Free Up Your Time With Existing Content

Bringing in new customers is a full-time job. To be successful you must constantly be creating value for them. The problem is you have an entire business to run. If you’re a small business owner, you probably have several jobs: marketing, sales, accounting and administrative duties and that’s all before lunch! Then marketers like me tell you… Read More

Maximize The Impact Of Your Newsletter (With A Fast Food Menu)

  How would you enjoy doubling or tripling your readership overnight? It would be amazing! In this post I’m going to show you a simple content strategy that I learned from Taco Bell. It doesn’t matter whether you love or hate Taco Bell, the fact is they’ve managed to attract a diverse audience by adding… Read More