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Sep 18

Why SlideShare is an Underrated Marketing Opportunity You Can’t Ignore

By Joel Widmer | Blog , Content Marketing , Resources , Social Media Marketing

This article was originally posted on SMC Dallas Why is SlideShare neglected by most?  Business-to-business (B2B) marketing isn’t very sexy, and the thought of browsing PowerPoints in your free time is enough to make most people’s skin crawl. But that’s what I like about SlideShare. Most poorly designed slide decks never see the light of […]

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Jul 11

How To Put Your Reputation Monitoring on Autopilot

By Joel Widmer | Blog , Blogging , Branding , Content Marketing , Resources , Social Media Marketing

For most people, monitoring their brand online is an afterthought. Until there’s an emergency. It’s not that their online reputation isn’t important, it’s just not a priority. The opposite is also true. If you aren’t monitoring your brand actively and an opportunity comes up that could significantly help you and your business, you won’t be […]

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