Embracing Disruptive Technology With Rob Harvey

Welcome to episode #3 of the Fluxe Digital Marketing Podcast! Remember when you first started out in business? How much you learned that year? You probably look back and wonder how you did it. It’s extremely difficult to keep a beginner’s mind as you go throughout your career or business. And that’s what this weeks… Read More

Search Engine Personalization With Kacy Maxwell

Welcome to Episode #2 of the Fluxe Digital Marketing Podcast. Have you ever compared search results on Google with a friend? If not, you may be surprised to know you’ll get completely different results.  Giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Netflix all have search algorithims that are designed to produce what they think is the… Read More

Why Bad Reviews Are Good For Business

“Negative reviews increase conversion rates for all kinds of businesses, because people see them and know that they’re shopping in a truthful environment.”  -Brett Hurt, CEO Baazarvoice in Zero Moment of Truth Stop for a second and think about that. When consumers pour over reviews of your product, what are they really looking for? And… Read More

Amplicate Brand Opinion Tool: Video Review

  What I love about Amplicate Amplicate is a great tool to quickly evaluate what online users think about a popular brand, celebrity or topic. Easy to read charts and graphs Coverage of a wide variety of broad and niche topics Everything Else… The site is based around strong opinions for topics, therefore it only… Read More

3 Reasons Groupon is a Bad Deal For Your Local Business

If I told you for every dollar you spend on customer acquisition, you could make $.40 (or LESS!) with me, how much would you spend? Hopefully NOTHING. But for small businesses using Groupon, it’s not as far-fetched as you may think.   In the excitement of making coupons cool again, Groupon and other group deal… Read More

How One Small-Town Brand Manages Their Social Media Across Multiple Channels

I first met Tara on Twitter when I answered a question she’d tweeted through @TillamookCheese Twitter account. Shortly after my response, she responded back to me and thanked me for my input. I was impressed by how quickly she responded and decided to check out the rest of Tillamook Cheese’s online presence. Being from Tillamook,… Read More