Talking Content Marketing Strategy on Startup Dallas TV


I love interviews. They’re one of the best ways to create content and one of the main ways Fluxe positions our clients as thought leaders. Usually I’m the one driving and asking the questions, but today I wanted to share an interview where I’m in the hot seat.

I recently had a great conversation with Jason Croft at Magic Production Studios for their podcast, Startup Dallas. I’ve never walked into a place where I was greeted with my own face and logo, but Magic Studios knows how to make a visitor feel welcome! Throughout the building they had huge screens displaying the graphics from my site. (You can check out the studio in the video.) It made for a great experience!

In the interview, Jason and I talk about:

  • How to make your content marketing process more efficient (and a look at our interviewing process)
  • The pitfalls most businesses fall into when blogging
  • How to stay productive as you grow your business using systems
  • The value of mastermind groups
  • And an inside look at my Udemy courses!

Check out the video below and visit Startup Dallas to get the full show notes!

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