Content Marketing

Content Marketing



Your audience doesn’t want another ad, they don’t want to be sold. They are research savvy and know what they are looking for. The company that helps (not sells) them to the purchase point is going to win. We help your company do that. We create great content in several forms that helps build brand awareness, nurture prospects through your sales cycle, increase your organic search rankings by earning valuable links and even decrease customer service costs for current clients.

Who Can Benefit From Content Marketing

  • Marketing Teams
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Brand Managers
  • Business Owners

Types of Content Marketing Services we offer

  • Kickoff Posts – Brandable content straight from your mouth. We interview you,  and create blog posts from our conversation. No writing, no hassle.
  • Blog Posts – High quality blog posts written by industry experts customized for your company.
  • Press Releases– You tell us your news, We write the press release and submit it to PRWeb and target the audience that needs to hear it!


  1. Place an Order – We have easy order templates you can send us directly to save you time. We are also available by phone or if you have questions, you can reach us by our contact page.
  2. Order Received by our Content Manager – Once your order is received we review it to match it with the content manager we feel fits the job the best. That person will email you personally to confirm the order and any additional details needed.
  3. Research -If you need ideas for your content, the first step we do is generate a list of content ideas based on your goals and send them back to you for your approval.
  4. Content Production – Your content manager will find the absolute best writer to fit your brand. This is one area we have a big advantage over our other marketing companies because we find niche writers with experience in your industry instead of using the same in-house writers. This saves you money and increases the quality because each job gets custom results without the custom price.
  5. Quality Check– After your post is written, Our content managers will
    1. Confirm your content is unique
    2. Check the post to make sure it matches your qualifications
    3. Fact check the post

Why Choose Fluxe?

  • We build the marketing into our content. Each piece of content that we write accomplishes several things at once. We earn traffic, build your brand’s credibility, shorten lead cycle times with each piece of content.
  • Support – Our team works hard to make sure you are always satisfied. You only work with one person who takes the time to learn your needs.
  • Stress Free Process – We are system fanatics which means we move quickly and you don’t have to worry that your project is never moving forward. Our clients know they can assign the content marketing to us and know it’s moving forward.
  • Expert team – Our team is carefully chosen for their attitude and skill. They are not only good at what they do but they are also seasoned marketers who can answer your questions.
  • Future proof – Our marketing content marketing will never get faulted by Google’s new search engine updates because we’ve taken the time to get our content right. Earned traffic and branding lasts much longer online and builds trust with Google and your prospects.