3 Ways to Position Your Key Employees as Industry Thought Leaders

Thought leaders never start out as thought leaders. They earn that title from constant growth (the “thought”) and build a following of people who listen and take action on what they say (the “leader”). So, at what point did they graduate from employee to thought leader? After working with dozens of thought leaders across different… Read More

Talking Content Marketing Strategy on Startup Dallas TV

I love interviews. They’re one of the best ways to create content and one of the main ways Fluxe positions our clients as thought leaders. Usually I’m the one driving and asking the questions, but today I wanted to share an interview where I’m in the hot seat. I recently had a great conversation with Jason Croft at Magic Production… Read More

3 Ways to Build Your Brand by Doing Less

Dennis Yu recently visited Social Media Dallas to kickoff a series of Special Interest Workshops. He spent two days teaching our group everything from Facebook ads and lessons learned at American Airlines, to how to save time by rollerblading between meetings. It would require an entire book to cover every topic he shared, but I… Read More

How To Put Your Reputation Monitoring on Autopilot

For most people, monitoring their brand online is an afterthought. Until there’s an emergency. It’s not that their online reputation isn’t important, it’s just not a priority. The opposite is also true. If you aren’t monitoring your brand actively and an opportunity comes up that could significantly help you and your business, you won’t be… Read More

It’s Time To Focus On Work That Matters

If you own OR work in a service business, I know you’ve had at least one of these questions in the last month… Where is my time going? How can I make my service business more profitable? How do I create systems so I don’t have to do everything myself? Where do you get started… Read More

How To Generate More Opportunities Today

 How do you generate opportunities? How is it that some people  just know how to spot an opportunity? I don’t think they do, I think they create them little by little and do the things that no one else notices until the opportunity happens and everyone around them says, “Where did that come from?” I… Read More

22 Best Small Business and Marketing YouTube Channels

It’s a little known fact that a small percentage of YouTube channels actually contain useful content that can help your business. And you thought it was all funny cat videos… This is a roundup of those special few channels that WON’T waste your precious time. These are 22 of the best channels for small businesses and… Read More

5 Surprising Ways Guest Blogging Can Grow Your Business

You might have read about the benefits of guest blogging. But most articles fail to dig below the surface when explaining how guest blogging can actually help your business. The question is, can you can really justify spending time on guest blogging? So I’ve given you my top guest blogging benefits and explained each one… Read More

On-Site and Off-Site SEO: What’s The Difference?

The difference between On-Site and Off-Site SEO can fool even the most experienced Web Expert. Toss in content marketing, building backlinks and how to rank for high intent keywords in search engines and it’s tough to know even where to start! So how do you put together all these pieces in a way that makes… Read More

11 Top Small Business Facebook Pages

In January posted a list of our favorite small business Facebook pages that were using Facebook right titled: 17 Impressive Small Business Facebook Pages You Can Learn From. These were pages that were run by genuine local and small businesses without a big budget. We weren’t interested in big businesses that could throw money at their… Read More