Facebook Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

It’s easy to log on to Facebook, hang out in our social circles and forget about how enormous it is. Remember back on March 13 when Facebook surpassed Google in the US to become the most visited website for that week? Yes, it was short-lived but an important milestone nonetheless. Below is a great infographic… Read More

5 Ways To Earn The Permission of Your Audience

Permission means three things in marketing as defined by Seth Godin: “Delivering Anticipated, Personal and Relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.” It’s the difference between selling and having a conversation, It’s the difference between giving information and providing your prospect with real value. There’s a great quote that I think sums… Read More

What Brand Salience Means for Your Small Business

The other day I read an incredible article on brand salience, not a term I hear thrown around very often. I’ve heard several definitions but like this one the best, “The degree to which a certain brand is thought about or noticed when a customer is in a buying situation.” Don’t confuse this with “Top… Read More

6 Handy Websites for Discovering Great Blogs

Building a great list of blogs has been one of the single most beneficial things I’ve done for myself and business. But with so many blogs to choose from, it can be cumbersome to sift through them all. Below is a list that will hopefully make your life a little bit easier. I’ve compiled all… Read More

(Anti)Social Media: Nestle, Facebook and Greenpeace

Nestle is in some hot water. Over the past few weeks, The 144 year old company has been attempting to battle a lot of social buzz it’s created. –Something you want to avoid at ALL costs. Lets do a quick recap. Here’s a list of whats been happening lately with a link for more information…. Read More

How To Set Up Google Reader

In this screencast, I cover how to set up a Google Reader Account, how to add blog subscriptions, how to navigate around and a few tricks to make life easier. If you have any questions about Google Reader, feel free to ask them in the comments below. Picture from HiMY SYeD / photopia

9 Ways to Find Free Images for Your Blog

Having a great picture that compliments your blog post can really add value and catch more eyes. The hard part is finding a quality pic that isn’t copyrighted and/or has a creative commons license. Here’s a list of the absolute best sites that have millions of free great images for your blog or presentation. 1…. Read More

5 Reasons Your Facebook Fan Page Needs a Landing Tab

FBML is a relatively new concept for Facebook Fan Page owners. In this video, I’ll outline what it is and why I think it’s important. Here’s an overview of the points I cover. Visitors only visit your page once Lets face it, Facebook Fan Pages themselves, aren’t very dynamic You need a value proposition and… Read More

How To Organize Your LinkedIn Sections

Linkedin now allows you to reorder any movable box on your profile to organize what you want visitors to see on your profile first. Check out the video below on how to do it. So the question is: How should I organize my profile? How you should organize your profile is not a “one answer fits… Read More